Bicar®Z: the right buffer for the well-being and livestock performance


Bicar®Z sodium bicarbonate buffer improves the well-being and performance of ruminants, swine and poultry by meeting their physiological needs and the economic requirements of the farm. Indeed, Bicar®Z optimizes diet and increase the efficiency of the ration. 

Acidosis is a metabolic disorder affecting monogastric and ruminant animals. It is caused by diet enrichment and the pursuit of increased productivity.

Effects of sodium bicarbonate on reducing acidosis in cattle 

To compensate the rumen acidification, the cow naturally produces a bicarbonate-based salivary buffer secretion. But with energy-rich and highly fermentable rations, fatty acids are produced more rapidly than they are absorbed, leading to acidosis.

Acidosis risk is amplified during heat stress


When temperature exceeds 20°C, in particular in case of high humidity, dairy cattle are unable to dissipate their heat load efficiently. Their sweating mechanism is poor and they rely on respiration to cool themselves. This lead to a loss of sodium, potassium and bicarbonate

Heat stress is one of the major concerns, affecting negatively the feed intake, animal’s performance and reproductive potential which ultimately decrease milk production.

Studies we have conducted with professionals and academics have shown that  250g (or 300g during heat stress period) of Bicar®Z daily improves the yield. On average, an additional 4L of milk is produced per day. When the temperature is above 20°C, 300g. 


What does Bicar®Z do?

  • Stabilizes pH in the digestive and optimize methanation

  • Provides a source of sodium to maintain acid-base equilibrium

  • Produce an additional 4L of milk

  • Improves the wellbeing of animals)

Bicar®Z, a natural and non-hazardous buffer 

Bicar®Z sodium bicarbonate is a raw material that provides a chlorine- and sulphur-free source of sodium for the growth of livestock and the well-being of animals, especially ruminants, pigs and poultry. It is also very suitable for feeding bulls, dairy goats, sheeps, sows and piglets, and for sheeps and growing-finishing pigs.

  • It’s a safe and 100% natural product, non-toxic to humans, animals and the environment

  • Bicar®Z is sulfate-free and protects the environment by reducing water pollution thanks to sulfur and the formation of hydrogen sulfide.

  • Bicar®Z is QS and HACCP GMP+ certified and labelled by production batch, which guarantees its purity and traceability from manufacturing to storage and distribution.

  • Bicar®Z  is adapted to organic farming

Bicar®Z complies with international standards.

It meets highest and stringent international feed-safety standards:  

  • GMP-B2 in all manufacturing plants

  • Safe Feed Safe Food and FSMA Compliance in our U.S. manufacturing plants


What are other Bicar®Z advantages?

  • It’s reliable thanks to Solvay nine production units located around the world

  • it’ s based on high level of innovation thanks to many collaborative projects held with specialized research centers in animal nutrition (IRTA, INRA, Università Cattolica, etc.) and vet support in Europe

  • You don’t have to compromise between great quality and low price


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