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Welcome to the world of NOCOLOK®

The NOCOLOK® flux brazing technology is the industry standard for brazing aluminium heat exchangers and other components


We are the global market leader for non-corrosive fluxes used in aluminium brazing technologies: we sell NOCOLOK® brand products supported by a full spectrum of aluminium brazing supplies and services plus specialized know-how. The world of NOCOLOK® is the world of aluminium brazing. 

Our customers enjoy many genuine advantages: NOCOLOK® users enjoy not only a broad product range but also broad technical advice and competent after-sales service. All technical issues are quickly and dependably answered. 

You can also be sure of this: all products are based on the very latest research. Aluminium brazing is used in the automotive industry, in the production of air-conditioning systems, refrigerating systems, domestic and electrical appliances.

Features & benefits

  • Improved Heat Transfer performance
  • Pressure Drop Reduction
  • Refrigerant Charge Reduction
  • Reliability in Performance
  • Recycling Advantages
  • Noise Reduction
  • Lower Weight
Watch NOCOLOK Research & Innovation in Bad Wimpfen on YouTube.


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