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Welcome to the world of NOCOLOK®

Why do you need ... NOCOLOK?

NOCOLOK® is indispensable as a flux for brazing aluminium components, especially in the automotive and in HVAC industries. It dissolves the natural oxide layer of the aluminium surface and allows a durable, solid joining of the aluminium parts. This works for flame brazing as well as for controlled atmosphere brazing in a furnace, for example for aluminium heat exchangers in air-conditioners and automobiles. Solvay produces NOCOLOK® Flux at its plants in Bad Wimpfen, Germany and Onsan, South Korea.


NOCOLOK Flux Research in Hanover

The Solvay Fluor research centre in Hanover offers unique opportunities for the development of future products as NOCOLOK LiFlux for HVAC applications.


Solvay Technical Training Seminar: Aluminium Brazing and NOCOLOK

The European Association for Brazing and soldering -- EABS for short -- together with experts from Solvay Fluor, holds technical training seminars  in which the theory and practice of flame and furnace aluminium brazing are communicated in detail.

40 interested participants from all over the world gather for the two day seminar in Hannover, Germany: technical staff, design and production engineers as well as production engineering managers.


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