Less resistance, more safety, more applications

Zeosil® 1085GR is the only very low surface area Highly Dispersible Silica (HDS) available on the market that suits tire industry needs.

Winter tires

Zeosil® 1085GR offers great improvements in ice, snow and wet traction together with reduced rolling resistance.
Using this innovative silica improves safety of drivers in difficult driving conditions while enabling tire manufacturers to be in conformity with the European labelling program.


Non-tread applications

Zeosil® 1085GR can also be used in other parts of the tire like sidewalls or bead.

This silica reduces the compound hysteresis and the heat build-up while maintaining stiffness and diminishing fatigue failure. It is the solution of choice for further reducing of rolling resistance of all tires without affecting tire lifetime.



The very low surface area silica developed by Solvay makes this Highly Dispersible Silica the easiest to process.

This technology offers many possibilities to enlarge silica usage in difficult processing conditions (high silica loading, high viscosity matrixes...).