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Solvay, your unique and reliable HPPO partner

Solvay is a global leader in producing and supplying hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Our technologically advanced production process covers a full range of capacity, from small plants to HPPO mega plants (Hydrogen Peroxide to Propylene Oxide technology).

Solvay Peroxides - Small, commercial and mega plants in the world - Infographic

In the HPPO - or Hydrogen Peroxide to Propylene Oxide - process, our high-quality hydrogen peroxide is used as an oxidizing agent to oxidize propylene to propylene oxide. Propylene oxide is mainly used in the production of polyurethane foams, which can be found in applications such as mattresses, car seats, or thermal insulation.

Why we believe Solvay is the right partner

We are the leading global producer and supplier of hydrogen peroxide solutions and a technology leader in the hydrogen peroxide production process.

Solvay Peroxides - Long term value with our partners - Infographic

We have a unique track record regarding safe construction and operation of hydrogen peroxide plants. Our customers and partners can rely on Solvay’s worldwide experience in operating Peroxides plants with an unparalleled process and people safety record for more than 60 years:

  • Continuous technology improvements since the first hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) plant in 1958. 
  • 15 H2O2 plants around the world built and operated by Solvay.
  • 3 hydrogen peroxide mega plants built and operated by Solvay, feeding HPPO plants at more than 300 kt propylene oxide per year.
Solvay Peroxides - hydrogen peroxide to propylene oxide (hppo) production sites in the world - Zandvliet (Belgium), Jubail (Saudi Arabia), Map ta Phut (Thailand) - Infographics Map_EN

We own the best available technology for mega plants and we operate the largest capacity in the world. We are competitive when it comes to cash costs and CAPEX, with best in class approach regarding sustainability, safety and reliability. Our high productivity is based on Solvay’s proprietary chemicals and technology:

  • Solvay manufactures its anthraquinone through a dedicated plant in Europe
  • The proprietary raw material provides long term price stability and no exposure to market variability.
  • Economies of scale are achieved with higher capacity per production line.

We have a proven record in safety, product quality, efficiency and reliability:

  • Process and people safety: excellent safety record with small, medium and mega plants over decades.
  • Reliability of supply: consistent demonstration of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) for mega plants of > 95% not matched by any engineering firms or competitors. 
  • Product quality and consistency: proven performance for over 60 years to match our customers’ quality requirements to optimize usage.
  • Best energy efficiency: lower steam and electrical energy consumption.
  • Lowest environmental footprint: biodegradable effluent and no solid waste stream from reversion.
  • Lower operational costs 
  • Compact plant design: less space required
Solvay Peroxides - 3D design of HPPO plant

3D design of an HPPO plant

We are committed to dedicating the resources and expertise needed:

Solvay Peroxides - Resources and expertise - Infographic


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Solvay Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)
A high performance and versatile oxidizing agent

Hydrogen Peroxide

As the leading global producer and supplier of hydrogen peroxide solutions (H2O2), Solvay’s portfolio boasts some of the purest grades available anywhere in the world.

Solvay Peroxides Peroxygens
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Solvay, the industry leading peroxygens supplier, delivers on its promise of effective, clean products that meet the highest quality standards across several markets.