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The RHODIACID™ AA - ADIPIC ACID, is an odourless, colourless and crystalline powder.


ADIPIC ACID is used as a monomer for: 

  • Polyamide 6.6 and other polyamides in the field of Engineering Plastics, Textile Fibers and Industrial Yarn;
  • Polyurethane for flexible and semi-rigid foams; 
  • Other polymers.

ADIPIC ACID is used as an intermediate for organic synthesis in the field of: 


  • Plasticizers; 
  • Wet strength resins;
  • Coatings / Adhesives / Sealants and Elastomers;
  • Pharmaceutical products, perfumes and cosmetics;

ADIPIC ACID is used in formulation in the field of: 

  • pH regulator;
  • Buffer;

RHODIACID™ AA - ADIPIC ACID is used as laboratory chemicals

CAS number Synonyms
1.4 Butanedicarboxylic Acid; 1.6 Hexanedioic Acid


Segments Applications End uses
Textiles & Sport Equipment Foot Wear Adhesives - Foot Wear
Textiles & Sport Equipment Foot Wear Shoe Soles
Textiles & Sport Equipment Textiles & Fibers Pa 6.6 - Consumer Goods
Pulp And Pulp Derivatives Paper Polyamide-Epichlorohydrin (Pae Resin)
Segments Applications
Body & Chassis
Segments Applications End uses
Construction Materials Wood Flexible Foam
Construction Materials Plastics Plasticizers
Segments Applications End uses
Other Chemical Intermediates Organics Process Intermediate - Chemical Products & Intermediates
Segments Applications End uses
Industrial & Protective Coatings Solvent Coating - Industrial Coating
Industrial Packaging Adhesives Adhesives
Segments Applications End uses
Functional Food Additives Processing Aids Raising Agent

Chemical categories

Chemical category Chemical family Chemical product
Monomers Monomers Adipic acid


Physical form

Region of availability

  • Africa & Middle East
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America

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