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Solsys® Bio Etac



Solys Bio Etac


To advance sustainability in the field of oxygenated solvents, Solvay has developed SOLSYS® Bio Etac, an ethyl acetate made entirely from renewable sources - with the raw material being ethanol derived from sugarcane. The ethanol used is sourced in Brazil, where SOLSYS® Bio Etac is produced, and is obtained without causing deforestation.

SOLSYS® Bio Etac is particularly well-suited for the personal care and cosmetics markets due to its high solvency power and evaporation profile. It finds application in nail polishes and removers, skin protection products, and fragrances.

It is also a suitable choice for the flexographic printing sector, enabling the development of more sustainable packaging through the use of high-renewable-content printing inks. Furthermore, it serves as an ideal solution for extracting active ingredients, contributing to the sustainability of industrial processes.

The development of SOLSYS® Bio Etac expands Solvay's portfolio of oxygenated solvents, which is already the most comprehensive in the market. This initiative reflects the growing societal demand for increasingly sustainable products and is in line with the Solvay Group's global environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies.




Example of Nail Polish Remover Formula