Augeo® SL 191 is a slow-evaporating solvent composed molecule that joins diversified chemical functions in the same struture, and which have very interisting, specific characteristics for solubilization and film formation with the principal resins and polymers used on the paint and coating market.

A characteristic that differentiates the Augeo® SL 191 from other slow evaporating solvents available on the market is that its odor is practically imperceptible, thus making eligible for the most diverse applications.

Augeo® SL 191 was evaluated based on criteria and methods established by the GHS (Globally Harmonized System), presenting an excellent toxicological and eco-toxicological profile.

Paint splash


Epoxy Systems

Augeo® SL 191 is diluent that presents the right properties to be used as a plasticizer in thermoset epoxy systems emerging as an alternative to traditional plasticizers in the market, such as benzyl alcohol. 

Its adequate boiling point and unique molecular structure makes it interesting for diluting curing agents in epoxy systems that will be cured at room or low temperatures. 

In the films where Augeo® SL 191 was used as a plasticizer, it was observed a much lower yellowing progression caused by photo-oxidation when compared to the films containing the traditional plasticizer.

Furthermore, due to its HSE (health, safety and environment) profile, Augeo® SL 191 became not only a good technical solution for epoxy systems but also a sustainable solution.




  • Biorenewable
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Excellent toxicological and eco-toxicological profile
  • Solubilizes well the curing agent and the epoxy resin
  • Acts as a plasticizer, reducing Tg and increasing cure degree
  • Avoids amine-blushing
  • Improves durability, better photodegradation resistance
  • Less yellowing by oxidation during storage 
  • Applicable in solventborne and waterborne epoxy coatings 


Car Refinishing



  • Acts as leveling agent on substrate
  • Promotes basecoat adhesion


  • Maximizes color appearance in the substrate


  • Improves durability protecting basecoat film
  • Improves appearance promoting excellent shine properties
  • Dilution Thinner
  • Applied in the solvent system of primer, basecoat and topcoat
  • Solubilizes the polymers with suitable viscosity and ensures the solution stability



  • Maintains performance
  • Competitiveness
  • Low toxicity
  • Low odor
  • Lower Carbon Footprint





  • Covers the wood pores


  • Avoids blushing
  • Ensures good film formation
  • Increases mechanical and chemical resistance

Dilution Thinner

  • Solubilizes the resins with suitable viscosity
  • Ensures the solution stability



  • Maintains performance
  • Competitiveness
  • Low toxicity
  • Milder formulations
  • Lower Carbon Footprint