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Product Stewardship

A highly adaptable solution for a wide range of industries

Product Safety and Environment issues are among our highest priorities.

We are committed to conducting our business so as to promote and continuously improve the responsible and sustainable management of our products throughout their entire life cycle. 

It is being achieved by a combination of responsible development and safety support to our partners. Everyone involved with our products shares the responsibility for the successful implementation of our policy.

The effectiveness of Product Stewardship implementation is ensured by the appropriate allocation of resources and responsibilities and by the development of effective programs to :

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding and documentation of our products risks and take appropriate steps to manage them by prevention, control and reduction measures.
  • Provide appropriate information to downstream partners (customers, distributors, agents and hauliers).
  • Ensure safe transport and foster proper use, handling and recycling of our products.
  • Educate and train employees on product hazards and proper use. Actively seek feedback on customer use and misuse of product and use it to revise information and advice.
  • Maintain a system of monitoring and reviewing the Product Stewardship program and its implementation.

Product Stewardship is the responsibility of all our partners involved in the product life cycle. It will be successful only if everyone plays his part.

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