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Why use e-Invoicing?

  • Fast and easy:  Simplify your procedures and save time by receiving your invoices in an electronic format, sent directly to the right contact without delay. Easy to receive, transfer, store and retrieve
  • A sustainable solution: Avoid paper waste and save space - no more paper to print and store
  • Economic and free of charge: Reduce your invoice management costs - an end to mail management, scanning and paper archiving. And it's free of charge to you
  • Legal Compliance: A safe and legally compliant solution. 
  • For Europe, this procedure is completely compliant with the EU Directive 2001/115/EC and with the national requirements of tax authorities in the countries listed in the FAQ

What's needed to register?

You simply have to ensure that your company has a generic e-mail address to receive the e-Invoices. Among country rules (in Europe), legally compliant archiving system may be needed.

Register now! Just complete our agreement form.