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The aerospace market faces evolving and critical demands related to innovation and sustainability. With over 50 years of progressive partnerships and expertise, Solvay leads the industry in the development of advanced materials for increasingly lightweight and high-performing aircraft, taking the aerospace industry to new heights. Our experts continue to deliver optimized solutions for cutting-edge fixed wing aircraft, rotorcraft, propulsion and systems components, urban air mobility (UAM) and space and launch applications.


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As the automotive market accelerates the development of next-generation vehicles, the sustainability and efficiency of production materials become increasingly crucial. Solvay's extensive portfolio of automotive solutions impart key performance and processing benefits—such as lightweighting and enhanced safety—to a wide range of applications. Our broad portfolio of high-performance automotive materials drives innovation in e-mobility, tires, body and chassis, internal combustion engines (ICE), transmission, thermal management and motorsport manufacturing.


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Agriculture & Feed

Feeding the world will demand a concerted approach that balances environmental impact, decrease in resource consumption, accelerated innovation, and growing consumer demand for safer and more sustainable agriculture. Solvay's specialty agrochemical solutions are enabling all segments of the agricultural industry to improve productivity and sustainability ─ from crop protection to plant nutrition and grain and seed care. Our equipment and digitization portfolio is also helping the industry with films to enable yield optimization even in the harshest growing environments and we are reliable partners of the feed industry by offering a range of highly efficient supplements for livestock and animals that prevent and control diseases and optimize the flow of nutrients that are essential for animal health.

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Global demand for batteries to power the rapid expansion of sustainable technologies of today and tomorrow is accelerating. Therefore, manufacturers of electric vehicles, electronics for consumer usage, and energy storage systems need to find solutions that combine performance, lightness, safety, and reduce costs. 

Solvay, a technology leader serving the battery Industry for more than 20 years, offers a unique range of technologies, materials, and ingredients for battery cells, cell structural components, battery enclosures, and battery recycling to increase performance, and shorten charging times and enhance safety.



The building market continues to move toward energy-efficient, eco-friendly solutions that enable improved performance, health & safety, durability, and aesthetics in both indoor and outdoor environments. As a leading developer of high-performance materials for use in challenging environments, Solvay delivers a range of sustainable and resilient solutions to uplift the building industry. Our best-in-class products for building applications span across several sub-markets, including coatings, plumbing, heating and cooling, fire protection, construction materials, and thermal insulation.

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Consumer Goods

As environmental awareness continues to become a global priority, the consumer goods market encounters complex challenges with regard to meeting global regulations and performance standards. Solvay's comprehensive portfolio of materials for consumer goods places a tremendous emphasis on regulatory compliance without sacrificing performance integrity. Empowering our communities with safe, sustainable, and effective solutions, our consumer goods products can be found in household goods, beauty care, home and hygiene, textile and sports equipment, and paper and pulp derivatives.

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The world of electronics is evolving at an extraordinary rate, and OEMs must perpetually innovate to outpace market demand. Solvay's portfolio of specialty solutions for electronics offers innovative performance and crucial benefits for tomorrow's most advanced technologies. Our broad selection of energy-efficient, easy-to-process solutions fuels the ever-changing electronics market in several facets, including electronic devices and equipment, semiconductors, display and lighting, electronic components and telecommunications and 5G.


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Food Industry

Nourishing the world with healthier, safer, and tastier products is our motto. Discover our long-standing global vanilla flavorings expertise in flavor & fragrances and our new generation of natural vanilla flavors, compliant with both EU and US natural flavoring regulations. Our food & beverage ingredients help the industry provide consumers with healthier and more convenient food and our functional food additives can lengthen shelf life and improve process efficiencies. Finally, we work closely with our clients in food processing & packaging to ensure products are produced and packaged in a safe, sterile, and sustainable environment.

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Green Hydrogen

As society strives for carbon neutrality by 2050, hydrogen can rapidly transition global energy systems from fossil fuels to carbon-free fuels. Solvay makes the green hydrogen value chain a reality with our enabling materials, which improve the durability, efficiency, and total cost of hydrogen systems. Our broad portfolio includes ionomers and high-performance polymers, which find use from the core, to the stack, to the plant in critical applications such as electrolyzers and fuel cells.



A constant rise in global population perpetuates the significance of a reliable healthcare market and safe, high-quality medical technologies are more critical than ever before. With over 60 years experience as a leading supplier to the healthcare industry, Solvay's solutions have a proven track record of the highest quality and the utmost dependability. Our broad portfolio of healthcare material solutions serves a wide range of medical devices and equipment and pharmaceuticals.



Industrial Applications

Environmentally conscious manufacturing remains a foundational point of emphasis for the global industrial market, and OEMs require production materials that meet stringent regulations and progressively complex performance demands. Solvay's solutions for industrial manufacturing processes equip OEMs with a versatile selection of resilient materials to ensure end-product longevity and reliability. Our high-performance solutions serve an array of industrial markets, such as industrial and protective coatings, surface treatment, industrial equipmentindustrial packaging, and lubricants.


Resources, Environment & Energy

Across the resources, environment, and energy sectors, companies face growing pressure to improve performance and profitability, while responsibly and sustainably managing their operations in line with regulatory requirements and evolving consumer expectations. Solvay's tailored materials and chemical formulations mitigate emissions, boost yield, improve renewable energy systems, and enable the purification and reuse of natural resources. Our solutions are widely employed in mining, water treatment, air treatment, soil treatment, oil and gas, and clean energy.

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