Nourishing the World With Healthier, Safer and Tastier Products

Solvay contributes to sustaining the world’s ever-increasing demand for food by reducing environmental impact and resource consumption while still answering consumer desires for healthier, safer, tastier, and more natural meals.

Driven by Natural, Health & Wellness innovation, we offer a unique, reliable and consistent portfolio of Synthetic & Natural Vanillin, Ethyl vanillin and certified pure Bicar® for food & beverage manufacturers. 

We also work closely with our customers to implement exacting practices in aseptic packaging, cleaning-in-place and food contact sanitization to ensure food and beverages are produced and packaged in a safe and sterile environment to improve food preservation and minimize waste.

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Rhovanil® Nat CW is a non-GMO natural vanillin. With over 150 years of proven high quality,  Bicar® Food is the leavening agent of choice for bakers. Also, our powerful disinfectant Proxitane®  is used in cleaning and sanitization processes for safe, rapid microbial control. 

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