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Solvay_Investors_2021 AIR

Our Annual Integrated Report provides a comprehensive and integrated view of Solvay’s economic, environmental and societal performance for 2021. It includes our Business Performance review, Governance and Risk Management reports, our Extra-Financial Statements, the GRI index and our Financial Statements, together with the Auditors' reports. Our Annual Integrated Report explains how Solvay delivered outstanding financial results and made significant progress toward achieving sustainability goals, in a challenging environment marked by inflation, logistical issues and increasingly strict environmental regulations. This report also details how 2021 was another great year of progress in our transformation journey.



ESEF format

This download of the Solvay 2021 Annual Integrated Report is in the ESEF format as specified by the European Commission in the Regulatory Technical Standard on ESEF (Regulation (EU) 2019/815)  

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