Aerospace materials for a soaring industry 

The aerospace industry today is faced with a series of challenges to answer growing concerns about sustainability, including increasingly stringent regulations on CO2 emissions. One of the most efficient solutions to answer these challenges is to incorporate lightweight materials. With the right advanced composite materials, aircraft can be made lighter and therefore more fuel efficient, while exceeding the performance of metal parts.

As lightweight is exponentially critical, with any additional structural load affecting costs, Solvay’s advanced composite materials for aerospace are here to help improve energy efficiency while increasing safety and design appeal.



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Partnering for success: Urban Air Mobility on the rise

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Solutions for world-leading players 

From world-leading commercial airplane manufacturers to space exploration programs, Solvay is proud to serve the entire aerospace industry, providing innovative aerospace composite solutions from airframes to interiors, electrical, air and fluid systems as well as propulsion to players across the board.

As a global company and an established player in the future of composite materials in aerospace, we are devoted to creating competitive solutions that satisfy the needs of our customers, who include the world’s largest airplane and engine manufacturers.

Just like in the aerospace industries, lightweight is a crucial element in Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and space applications too where every additional kilo costs time or about $10,000 to launch into Earth orbit. Solvay supplies high-temperature composites and adhesives to manufacture large integrated structural components including payload fairings, stage and payload adapters, dispensers, and separation systems to make lighter, yet more durable launcher vehicles. We also supply composite materials for smaller structures like satellites, solar arrays, and antennas. 

Latest in line, we are a leading innovator in composite materials for UAM, with strong expertise in applications engineering & a key partner for multi-material solutions.

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Solvay has been a long term trusted supplier of Safran, supplying advanced composite materials on several engine and nacelle programs

Thierry Viguier, Vice President, Materials Purchasing, Safran


Serving all aerospace needs

As aerospace manufacturers ramp up production to meet steep growth, composite materials enable automated production processes in addition to durability and weight savings, which are key enablers in this market.

Solvay’s wide range of products for aerospace applications provides these benefits while enabling complete design freedom. We offer the broadest portfolio on the market, including composites, structural adhesives, and surfacing products as well as processing materials for a broad spectrum of applications, from primary structure to flooring and seating, electrical systems, surfacing technologies, turbines, engines and fluid systems. 


Advanced composite material applications include:

  1. Lightweight, cost-effective, and multi-material solutions
  2. Structural adhesives for primary, secondary and specialty applications
  3. Toughened epoxy resin composites for primary structure applications 
  4. Polyimide resin systems for extreme temperature applications
  5. Thermoplastic resin systems for interior and structural applications

Solvay’s prepregs and resin systems such as CYCOM® and APC® allow our customers to maximize cost-efficient manufacturing processes while building lightweight and reliable structures. In addition, our adhesives, surfacing films and bonding primers, such as the FM, SM, BR products, complete the system for lightweight efficient airframes ensured to survive the harsh rigours of flight. Furthermore, CYCOM 6070, CYCOM 2400 or CYCOM 2265 offer composite solutions such as thermoplastic films that provide comfort and safety for aeroplane interior while, CYCOM 934 and CYCOM PR520 for propulsion guarantee results at the fastest speed.

Reaching new heights with our customers

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Solvay is more than an advanced materials manufacturer. Our team of composite material scientists, experts and engineers identify the best custom-fit material solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We also provide technical service for product optimization and welcome technology collaboration opportunities.

We manufacture materials for aerospace applications throughout North America, Europe and Asia and are expanding facilities in many locations. Our global employee base supports the continued growth of composite material adoption, with technical professionals located near our customer operations to respond quickly and efficiently.

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