Secure your crop potential with AgRHO® S-Boost™

Today, most of agricultural areas worldwide are vulnerable to abiotic stress. Drought, extreme temperatures and high winds can considerably reduce crop quality and yields.
Solvay’s bio-based biostimulant, AgRHO® S-Boost™ assists in combating the effects of those environmental stresses.
With its unique mode of action, S-Boost shapes soil properties around the seed to favor water and nutrient uptake, enhance germination, strengthen root development and ultimately increase yield.



AgRHO® S-Boost™ benefits


Secure early stage

  • Boost seed germination
  • Enhance plant vigor
  • Maximize plant establishment


Improve abiotic stress resistance

  • Stronger root architecture
  • Optimized water & nutriments uptake
  • Symbiotic interaction with soil micro-organisms


Optimize crop yield

  • Positive yield response on multiple crops
  • Mitigation of adverse drought conditions


Adapted for a wide range of crops and compatible with both biologicals and traditional seed treatments, our plant-derived products offer a wide array of formulation options for your seeds.

How does it work ?

In a crowded biostimulant space, Solvay’s AgRHO® S-Boost™ stands out with its unique mode of action:

Solvay - S-boost - How it works - seed few days after planting
  1. S-Boost™ is a bio-based macromolecule initially coated on the seed
  2. S-Boost™ physically shapes the soil into a water and nutrients attractor
  3. S-Boost™ modifies the plant environment and metabolism, increasing root architectures by densifying secondary roots
Solvay - S-boost - How it works - Bigger roots

AgRHO® S-Boost™ agronomic benefits

The agronomic performance of the S-Boost™ product range was evaluated through field trials conducted over a number of years on different crops and in different geographical zones, mainly Europe, North America and Brazil.


  • Field trials results on corn and soybean: 

Solvay - S-boost - How it works - S-Boost vs control


  • A sustainable solution derived from plant

AgRHO® S-Boost™  is derived from a natural agro-polymer extracted from a legume plant. It is then chemically modified before being applied on the seed.  

Solvay - S-boost - Derived from a natural agro-polymer