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Solvay's 2019 financial results are out

Take a look at our Full Year 2019 financial performance.   

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Ambitious new sustainability plan: Ten goals focused on positively impacting climate, resources and better life

Solvay One Planet

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Our Purpose

We bond people, ideas and elements to reinvent progress

SGL Carbon partner to create new composites for aerospace

Advanced collaboration for carbon fiber composites

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Less polymer for more battery power

Another Efficient Solution to change the world

Eco-friendly solutions for food, agriculture, personal care, coatings

Exposed: Improving the products that surround us

Customer testimonial by INEOS

"Capterall®: The best wastewater treatment technology for our need"

Electric car charging with solvay materials for batteries
Solutions for Clean Mobility

From Liquid to Solid-state Batteries

Laureate unveiled: meet prof. Carolyn Bertozzi

2020 Chemistry for the future Solvay prize

About Solvay

Solvay is a global leader in advanced materials and specialty chemicals. Our materials and innovation help to design everyday solutions in clean mobility and resource efficiency.
Our tailor-made range of products and constantly evolving market solutions answer unmet needs in soaring aerospace and automotive industry, power the future of batteries and energy efficiency; Solvay’s technology aids mineral and oil extraction as well as applications in consumer goods to easily accommodate every single one of the ever-changing demands.
Innovation is our driver towards an impactful circular economy, collaborating with game-changers to spark success of sustainable solutions globally. Diverse, entrepreneurial, and bright talent has been Solvay’s beacon since its very foundation, more than 150 years ago. We are constantly stretching scientific boundaries to continue the journey as the leading hub housing the best minds for humankind advancement.