New York Law Limits 1,4-dioxane in Household Cleansing, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products

New York recently passed a law requiring new limits on 1,4-dioxane residuals in finished personal care, cosmetics and household cleaning products sold within the state. The new law sets the following timeline for minimizing trace concentrations in the following types of consumer products, as defined:

1,4 Dioxane Limit Chart

An impurity / byproduct, 1,4-dioxane is present in trace levels of raw materials. It is used in some personal care and cleaning products. While trace levels are unavoidable in ethoxylates, alkoxylates and certain other mixtures, it can be greatly reduced with various mechanisms and process control. 

Solvay has a fundamental understanding of 1,4-dioxane generation and reduction in raw materials. Our priority is to continue providing customers in North America with products that are safe, effective and meet mandated regulations by the government. Below is a list of ingredients that are ideal for use in the beauty and home care industries and will meet government requirements.

Additionally, Solvay is committed to providing fully formulated solutions. Please check out these formulations developed by our Research and Innovation team(s) addressing the 1,4-dioxane limit at 1 ppm and market needs.


Hair Care Formulations: Dioxane limit of 1ppm


Mild Foam Soap

Formulated with Jaguar® C 162, Geropon® L4C, Mackam® 50-SB and Mackadet® OPR-2


Ultra Mild Body Wash

Hair care Dioxane Body Wash

Formulated with Jaguar® SOFT, Geropon® T 77 PCMackamide® CMA


Clean Beauty Shampoo With Mild Foam

Shampoo with little to no dioxane

Formulated with Jaguar® Excel, Rhodacal® A 246 FF, Mackam® CBS 50G-E, Geropon® T77 PC, Mackamide® CMA


Clear Ultra-Mild Conditioning Shampoo

Clear Ultra-Mild Conditioning Shampoo

Formulation with Jaguar® Excel, Mackam® CB 35 ULS HP, Geropon® T77 PC MB, Mackamide® CPA

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