REACH information statements

The REACH information statements (RIS) deliver the necessary information relating to pre-registration status and registration status on Solvay's substances subject to REACH obligations. RIS issued with the approval of the relevant Solvay businesses. All RIS are updated to the last version of ECHA SVHC.
Solvay has collected from its suppliers specific information regarding the chemical substances used in its manufacturing processes.
RIS are easily accessible by using one of the 3 search criteria: the substance name, the CAS number or the EC number.
Should you not find the relevant RIS, please do not hesitate to send your request with a clear indication of the substances/products you are looking for:

REACH database

For EC and CAS number : the searchable field works as alpha-numeric field : e.g. if I search EN Number -138- or even 138 , it should select all entries containing '-138-'or (138 in the second case). 

For a search with the substance name, type part of the name without "*" or "-" 

Reach Information Statement

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