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Weight & Sea: How composite materials are making underwater pipes lighter


Offshore exploitation is getting ever more challenging as new fields are discovered in deeper water. Exploiting deeper means using longer subsea pipes; and the longer the pipes, the heavier - which in turn means larger boats for installation as well as larger floating production units to withstand the weight. The development of Solvay's Evolite™ F1050, a high-performance carbon fiber composite for increasingly demanding oil & gas applications, offers an innovative way to overcome the challenge.


The right chemistry to power electric cars


Driven by the electric car market, innovation in the field of batteries is moving forward steadily. Performance, durability and lightness are among the characteristics that have to be improved, and more often than not, chemistry provides the solution!


The world has never needed so many batteries


From your everyday smart device to energy storage facilities, lithium-ion batteries of all sizes are just about everywhere. But over the last few years, one market trend has been driving this sector like never before: the rise of the electric car.


How Solvay is using electric bikes to raise awareness about the circular economy


The circular economy: a relatively straightforward concept, but extremely complex when it comes to its application in the real world. Solvay experts will be at mobility summit Movin’ On to share and debate about developing the circular economy based on a simple example: shared electric bike services in cities.


Replacing oil-based ingredients in your everyday detergents


Replacing petrochemical components in household products with products made from renewable resources can be done. Augeo®, a line of solvents developed by Solvay, uses glycerin derived from biodiesel program in Brazil.


Oxygenated water for sustainable packaging


Some products, such as the carton you pour milk from for your morning coffee or the plastic water bottle you bought the other day at a gas station, are so ordinary and of everyday use that people rarely stop to think about the production process behind them. How do these products get made and where do they end up?


Why Solvay teamed up with startup MultiMechanics to help it ‘stop breaking things’


When the teams at Solvay Composite Materials looked for a way to simplify the testing of their products, not only did they find the perfect simulation tool to help them do that, they invested in the company that created it. Now, Solvay and MultiMechanics work hand-in-hand to continue developing this sophisticated piece of software.