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Getting to the Core of Rare Earths!


Among the wide range of raw materials that Solvay transforms into products that become a part of our everyday tools and devices, Rare Earths have a special place. These actually not-so-rare natural elements are widely used in cars, electronics and healthcare products, among other things.


The technology behind food


Have you ever wondered what a Food Technologist was? Someone with sufficient knowledge to master industrial food processing, nutritional trends and biology, and combines them with an acute sense of taste. Bernard Barlet is one of these jacks-of-all-trades who works on vanilla flavors at Solvay’s GBU Aroma Performance, and was kind enough to explain his job.


Composites for faster, lighter, greener mobility


Solvay has the composite materials to help the automotive and aerospace industries answer sustainability challenges. But in order to do that, there are a few hurdles to overcome – like making sure manufacturing robots can work with the sticky composites. It’s a team effort.


When science goes social

story ben feringa social media club

On December 11, the Social Media Club and Solvay are organizing a conference about science. On that occasion, we sat down with Solvay Prize and Nobel Prize winner Ben Feringa to talk about scientific research and education today and learn a little more about his career and outlook on science in general.


Gas-capturing cages that could help fight climate change


The 2017 Chemistry for the Future Solvay Prize goes to professor Susumu Kitagawa, from Kyoto University. His development of nanoporous materials could lead to new ways of capturing, storing and releasing gases.


Solvay’s 150 years of commitment to science: From Conference to Prize


From the prestigious conferences initiated in the early 20th century to today’s Chemistry for the Future Prize, Solvay has always maintained a tradition of encouraging the advancement of scientific research. For the love of science, but also out of a long-standing sense of collaborative intelligence.