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When selecting household disinfectant cleaners, many consumers make their choice simply on an appealing fragrance, rather than product efficacy. With the growing need to clean and disinfect thoroughly and durably, it is essential for consumers to know the benefits of high-performance antimicrobial cleaners and to understand how to keep their family safe from germs. Traditional disinfecting cleaners kill germs for only a short period during the time of application and become inactive afterward. Actizone™ technology allows building antimicrobial solutions that combine the fast-acting benefits of quick germ kill, with 24-hour bacterial and virucidal surface sanitization and a pleasant cleaning experience.*

Our ActizoneTM technology continues working long after surfaces have been cleaned, so businesses and consumers can enjoy peace of mind and feel confident knowing they are protected for a full 24 hours” 

Michael Radossich
President of Solvay’s Novecare Global Business Unit
  • 24-Hour Antimicrobial Protection

Today’s consumers are searching for enhanced ways to protect themselves and their families from viruses and bacteria. One of the easiest ways to keep surfaces free of germs is through 24-hour antimicrobial solutions like those developed with ActizoneTM technology.* Most consumers mistakenly believe their surface disinfection products offer continued protection for several hours after use. In reality, however, common disinfecting cleaners reduce microbial contamination at the time of application, but do not ensure continual antimicrobial protection. This leaves the surface vulnerable to recontamination between cleaning cycles and to act as a vector for spreading disease. Unlike these traditional disinfecting cleaners.

Actizone™: Protects surfaces for 24 hours and kills 99.9 % of bacteria

Actizone™ F5 continues to kill bacteria and viruses over time for up to 24 hours after being applied to a surface for long-lasting disinfection.* Featuring a combination of our proprietary polymer ActizoneTM P5, our excellent surfactant package Actizone™ S5 and a dose of conventional antimicrobial active ingredients, ActizoneTM F5 full formulation forms films on treated surfaces, from which actives continuously kill bacteria and viruses for 24 hours.* This unmatched, long-lasting disinfectant solution helps consumers enjoy antimicrobial protection even after repeated recontamination and continued contact.


  • Fast-Kill of 99.9% of Microorganisms 

While a product that kills microorganisms for 24 hours is extremely beneficial, these long-lasting antimicrobial solutions must also quickly kill germs on surfaces. After it is applied to a surface, ActizoneTM F5 rapidly destroys 99.9% of microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus, and continues killing germs for 24 hours.* In the current environment, COVID-19 disinfectant solutions must be able to work quickly and reliably. As an effective coronavirus disinfection solution, ActizoneTM F5 promotes safer surfaces that continuously defend against recontamination by bacteria and viruses.* It provides the critical tool to limit the surface-borne spread of harmful germs while facilitating a quick and reliable clean. 

  • Optimal Cleaning Experiences

An enjoyable and effective cleaning experience is an expectation in today’s home care products for the modern busy consumer, and 24-hour antimicrobial solutions are no exception.* Actizone™ products are formulated to enhance consumer cleaning experiences from start to finish. Most importantly, when used with the necessary quat actives, Actizone™ products can provide powerful surface disinfection on a variety of commonly used surfaces, including laminates, polycarbonate, glass and steel. In addition to versatile and effective disinfection, Actizone™ technology offers unmatched aesthetic benefits in excellent cleaning performance over a range of soils. Actizone™ products can preserve the natural shine of a surface by ensuring a residue-free clean while providing compatibility with a multitude of fragrances or even odor-control benefits for a satisfying clean that is clear to the senses.


  • Sustainable Disinfection

Actizone™ technology reimagines public health and prosperity by providing continuous protection in communities and public spaces as people go about their day and touch surfaces that can spread germs. Beyond antimicrobial protection, Actizone™ transforms the sustainability profile of antimicrobial products in a multifaceted way for people and the planet, while also improving the bottom line for businesses. Longer-lasting antibacterial protection enables institutions and consumers to use fewer disinfectant products, apply them less frequently, and achieve a more effective clean at a lower cost-in-use. With once-daily disinfections, Actizone™ enhances productivity and sustainability as it allows consumers and businesses to use disinfectant products less frequently. Actizone™ technology helps individuals, families and institutions use disinfectants more sustainably without sacrificing reliable surface disinfection.


For more information on the consumer benefits of Actizone™ products for long-lasting surface disinfection, please contact our experts.


Remember to use disinfectants safely, and always read the label and product information before use.

*Any sale of Actizone™  F5 in a particular country shall be solely on the basis of the approved registration in that country, and any claims regarding Actizone™  F5 in a particular jurisdiction shall be addressed solely by the laws and approval of Actizone™  F5 in that jurisdiction.  This is not intended to promote, sell or recommend the sale or use of Actizone™  F5 in countries in which it is not registered yet, including Canada.

On November 12, 2021 the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the registration of Actizone™  F5. Solvay is now working to obtain U.S. state registrations for Actizone™  F5 required to market in specific states. Claims allowed by the EPA registration include that Actizone™  F5: (1) provides initial disinfection on hard non-porous surfaces after 5 minutes of contact time against a wide range of viruses and bacteria , including SARS-CoV-2; and (2) eliminates bacteria  when applied to hard, non-porous surfaces for up to 24 hours. Solvay is currently conducting studies to obtain EPA approval in the future for claims that certain Actizone™  products are effective at eliminating viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, for up to 24-hours after application.

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Formulators can utilize the outstanding ingredients from Actizone™ to create long-lasting antimicrobial cleaners that meet evolving industry and consumer needs.

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