Tremendous weight & cost advantages through composite design, performance and integrated structure applications. 
APC means Aromatic Polymer Composite. 

APC thermoplastic composite tapes have unique characteristics, including:

  • Resin rich surface, which is a great assistance in processing
  • Improved melt flow
  • High level of impregnation
  • Superior toughness and damage tolerance
  • Excellent environmental resistance 
  • Good resistance to creep and fatigue
  • Capable of oven consolidation
  • Possess outstanding flame, smoke, and toxicity performance
  • Processed using a wide range of fabrication techniques
  • Infinite room temperature storage life

All mentioned above allows cost efficient fabrication and assembly:

  • Auto tape placement
  • High speed and in-situ 
  • Roll forming
  • Press molding and stamping
  • Welding

Thermoplastic Composites have demonstrated that they can be rapidly processed and meet aerospace performance requirements. Typical applications for Solvay’s APC include aircraft structure, space components, and other transportation & structural engineering components.

  • “APC-2” denotes the use of PEEK polymer as the resin matrix
  • APC (PEKK-FC) denotes the use of Fast-Crystallizing PEKK polymer as the resin matrix