AvaSpire® PAEK

Customized High-Performance Polyketones

AvaSpire® PAEK (polyaryletherketone) is a family of high-performance polyketones tailored to fill cost and performance gaps between PEEK and other high-performance polymers. For example, ductility and toughness can be significantly improved versus comparable grades of PEEK, delivering 20% higher tensile elongation at yield and doubled tensile elongation at break values.

Depending on the grade, AvaSpire® PAEK outperforms comparable grades of PEEK.

  • Higher stiffness from 150 °C to 190 °C (302 °F to 374 °F)
  • Improved ductility and toughness
  • Equal or better chemical resistance
  • UL-94 V0 rating at 0.8 mm
  • Comparable strength and stiffness at up to 30% lower cost
  • Excellent aesthetics and colorability


Choose the Performance You Need

AvaSpire® PAEK is available in

  • Neat grades (lubricated, non-lubricated)
  • Glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced grades (structural grades)
  • Wear resistant SL grades (lubricated, non-lubricated, load bearing)

Glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced KetaSpire® PEEK grades deliver the greater mechanical robustness required for structural applications.


Comparison of neat grades



Comparison of glass fiber reinforced grades 



Comparison of carbon fiber reinforced grades




Higher stiffness than PEEK from 150 °C to 200 °C

AvaSpire® AV-651 has a modulus twice that of unfilled PEEK at 180 °C (356 °F). AvaSpire® AV-651 GF30 provides a modulus that is 30% higher than comparable PEEK material at the same temperature.

Comparison of mechanical performance at high temperatures



Torsional DMA comparison of glass fiber reinforced grades




Unparalleled Combination of Stiffness and Strength

AvaSpire® AV-651 exhibits 20% higher elongation at yield than of unfilled PEEK. Tensile elongations at break values are at least twice as high as comparable PEEK grades.

Comparison of ductility and toughness properties [ASTM test method]




Comparable Strength, Stiffness and Chemical Resistance at Lower Cost

AvaSpire® AV-722 delivers comparable strength and stiffness to unfilled PEEK at up to 30% lower cost, bridging the gap between PEEK and semi-crystalline polymers like PPS (polyphenylsulfone) and PPA (polyphthalamide).

Comparison of mechanical properties