A Reliable Choice When Time and Efficacy Matter Most

ECO2FUME® fumigant gas is a ready-to-use, nonflammable mixture of phosphine and carbon dioxide that enables effective fumigation in a wide variety of sealed-storage applications when used in accordance with the label. It is an effective alternative to methyl bromide and aluminum phosphide-based fumigants that delivers results, meeting fumigators' goals when time and efficacy matter most. ECO2FUME® is dispensed external to storage or structures using simple techniques that avoid applicator exposure, eliminate confined space entry and remove the need for spent fumigant disposal.

Key benefits

Advantages of ECO2FUME® fumigant gas compared to traditional fumigants include:

  • Eliminates spontaneous flammability associated with metal phosphides, avoiding fires within the fumigated space
  • Nonreactive with moisture or water
  • Required concentration levels achieved in minutes, not hours
  • Only approved phosphine fumigant for 24-hour exposure time in some applications
Easy application and control
  • Pre-mixed and easily dosed to the appropriate concentration level and exposure period prescribed by the label, ensuring elimination of all insect stages
Enhanced worker safety
  • Packaged in ready-to-use cylinders that reduce the potential for worker contact. External application can eliminate confined space entry scenarios
No waste generation or disposal
  • Yields no waste byproducts or dust residue, eliminating waste disposal costs
Non-ozone depleting
  • Unlike alternatives, ECO2FUME® is not listed as an ozone depleter under the Montreal Protocol


Approved storage environments for ECO2FUME® include:

  • Warehouses
  • Railcars, ship-holds, sea containers and trailers
  • Bins and silos
  • Tarps and bunkers


 Items protected

  • Seed, flour, wheat, corn, rice and other grains
  • Nuts, dried fruits, vegetables, cocoa and coffee beans
  • Tobacco and other non-food commodities
  • Processed foods
  • Animal feed and feed ingredients


Pests eliminated

  • Weevils (Rice, Granary)
  • Indian Meal Moth
  • Lesser Grain Borer
  • Grain Beetles (Rusty, Saw-Toothed, Merchant)
  • Flour Beetles (Red, Confused)
  • Cigarette Beetle
  • Warehouse Moth
  • Warehouse Beetle

*Applications, pests and storages will vary by country and label protocol


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