Consistent Quality and Supply Sustainability

Traditionally extracted from clove oil, eugenol is an aromatic flower spice used widely across the flavor and fragrance market, but also in various other applications (industrial, oral care and more). Though demand for eugenol has increased sharply, clove supply is directly and significantly impacted by climatic conditions in South East Asia, resulting in its inconsistent price and availability. Coupled with the growing demand, these fluctuations present substantial barriers for manufacturers in the flavor and fragrance industry.

A Synthetic Alternative to Eugenol

Solvay’s process of formulating synthetic eugenol offsets the inconsistencies in quality, supply and price of eugenol production. Eugenol Synth, our alternative solution, delivers the same olfactory properties as clove-derived eugenol and satisfies market demand for flavor and fragrance applications and synthetic intermediates for which an ingredient of natural origin is not essential.

A Reliable Synthetic for Flavor and Fragrances

Solvay strategically extends its aroma chemicals portfolio with a commitment to innovate and anticipate flavor and fragrance market expectations. With our back integration in guaiacol, a key intermediate in our diphenol chain, our robust process is successfully scaled to produce synthetic eugenol. Solvay produces Eugenol Synth at our Saint-Fons, Lyon site in France for global commercial availability.

Uses for Eugenol Synth span across flavor (food and beverage) and fragrance applications. It is also used in oral care formulations such as toothpastes and mouthwashes thanks to its fresh, spicy notes. Eugenol Synth is also utilized in technical applications as an intermediate for polymers. This high-performance synthetic offers:

  • Quality & supply stability compared to natural eugenol extraction
  • A robust and competitive process
  • European-based production (France) 
  • Global commercial availability


The Market for Eugenol Synth

The demand for eugenol continues to increase, due in particular to the strong growth in demand for vanillins derived from eugenol. Additionally, manufacturers face price fluctuations resulting from variable harvest quality and quantity. These types of conditions and price volatility can put the flavor and fragrance market in a uniquely challenging position, related to the sustainability of this crop and its ability to support the growth of the global market. 
Accordingly, Solvay’s expert research teams have devised innovative solutions to optimize the reaction and final purification of synthetic eugenol, or Eugenol Synth.