Evolite™ is Solvay’s comprehensive range of thermoplastic composites for demanding applications.

Evolite™ offers outstanding mechanical properties and is designed for use in ultra-lightweight composite applications.

These thermoplastic composites are ideal for, e.g., high volume automotive and oil and gas applications.


Evolite™ offers:

  • Outstanding crash capabilities
  • Short cycle-time processing, design freedom, function integration potential and recyclability associated with thermoplastics
  • Unmatched mechanical resistance under tensile, flexural, compressive or shear stress
  • Originally designed to be compatible with engineered compounds for overmolding process


The Evolite™ range includes:

Thermoplastic matrix Product form  Reinforcement Application
PPA* UD tape Glass or carbon fiber Automotive; structural
PPS* UD tape Glass or carbon fiber Automotive; Oil & Gas
PVDF UD tape Carbon fiber Oil & Gas

*Developmental products

In conjunction with Evolite™ semi-finished products, Solvay also offers a wide range of compatible short and long fiber reinforced injection moulding compounds to enable the manufacturing of complex, lightweight and cost-effective parts based on thermoplastic composites.