FusePly™ is a breakthrough composite bonding technology that enables the build of reliable, bonded composite structures using conventional manufacturing processes. Through covalently bonded structures, FusePly™ eliminates the need for numerous rivets and fasteners.  FusePly™ addresses manufacturing challenges faced by aircraft builders such as improved performance, build rates and lightweighting.

FusePly™ offers step-change bonding performance and benefits to users:

  • FusyPly
    Lower assembly time
  • Improved reliability
  • Higher part performance
  • Lightweighting
  • Design freedom


FusePly Processing



  • Processing and Surface Features: The tack and handling characteristics of FusePly™ have been optimized to allow for easy lay-up and processing of the film.
  • Bonding Results: This new technology is compatible with most amine-cured epoxy prepregs and is universal in nature.
  • Interfacial Durability: The chemically bonded interface created by this new technology is more durable than the interface created by mechanical bonds.
  • Pre-Bond Stability: The chemically active surface is not affected by moisture or out-time.



Scott Brown

Too often today the industry practice is to bond composite structures with an adhesive, but then drill holes in the joints and add mechanical fasteners, because the designers are uncertain if the adhesive bonding is good enough. But drilling holes actually weakens the composite structure, and the fasteners add weight. As we advance the reliability of adhesive bonding through our new FusePly™ technology, we can help the industry move away from fasteners, and toward lighter and stronger structures, which finally takes full advantage of building with composites instead of metal.

Scott Brown, Adhesive Business Director for Solvay Composite Materials promotes the move away from mechanical fasteners and toward adhesive bonding.