Aesthetics and Strength – A Beautiful Combination

Ixef® PARA (polyarylamide) provides a unique combination of strength and aesthetics, making it ideal for complex parts that require both overall strength and a smooth, beautiful surface.

Ixef® compounds typically contain 50-60% glass fiber reinforcement, giving them remarkable strength and rigidity. What makes them unique is that even with high glass loadings, the smooth, resin-rich surface delivers a high-gloss, glass-free finish that’s ideal for painting, metallization or producing a naturally reflective shell.

High flow into thin walls

In addition, Ixef® PARA is an extremely high-flow resin so it can readily fill walls as thin as 0.5 mm, even with glass loadings as high as 60%.

Excellent Surface Finish

Superb, resin-rich surface provides a highly polished appearance, even with high glass fiber content.




Surface Roughness



Very High Strength and Stiffness

The tensile and flexural strength of Ixef compounds are similar to many cast metals and alloys at ambient temperature. Ixef 1032 (60% glass fiber) exhibits typical values of 280 MPa and 400 MPa respectively at 23°C (73°F).


Tensile Strength vs. Tensile Modulus



Tensile properties comparison*
Material Tensile Strength 
at Break, MPa
Tensile Modulus, 
Ixef 1022  (50% glass fiber) 280 20
Ixef 1032  (60% glass fiber) 280 24
Tin Bronze 300 105
Brass 250 105
Annealed Zinc 150 105
Zinc Alloy (4% Al, 0.04% Mg) 280 85
Annealed Aluminum (99.6%) 70 69
Duralumin 190 74
Al Ag3 Alloy 140 69

*ASTM Test Method at 23°C (73°F)


Flexural Strength vs. Flexural Modulus