High-Performance Material and Customizable Colors

The properties of Ixef® PARA combine tensile and flexural strength with an aesthetic, ultra-smooth finish. In Healthcare, Ixef® PARA supports a multitude of single-use, polymer surgical instruments such as inserters, curettes, needle holders, forceps, retractors, and extractors. Additionally, Ixef® PARA is ideal for single-use spinal surgery kits that enhance operating room efficiency, eliminate reprocessing costs, and play an essential role in reducing the root causes of surgical site infections.

Key Features

  • Single-use application material of choice
  • Highest stiffness and strength
  • High flow for excellent moldability
  • Exceptional surface finish
  • Suitable for metal replacement
  • Opaque gamma-stabilized colors

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Compatibility with Hospital Disinfectants and Superior Sterilization


Resistance to cleaning agents and disinfectants is an important consideration when selecting materials for healthcare applications. 

The advanced qualities of Ixef® PARA allow it to resist high energy gamma radiation without significant changes to its original appearance or physical properties. In addition, Ixef® PARA can be sterilized in bulk, which helps reduce costs and allows OEMs to produce affordable disposable surgical instruments.



Single Use Surgical Devices

The tensile strength and ergonomic properties of Ixef® PARA make it an outstanding choice for single-use instrument material. Ixef® PARA exhibits extremely impressive mechanical performance and is compatible with cost-effective steam sterilization methods. This specialty polymer is utilized in an array of single use surgical instruments, such as curettes, inserters, needle holders, forceps, lids and surgery kits. 


Extraordinary Strength and Stiffness

Both single use and reusable plastic instruments, cases and trays require superb strength and rigidity to compete with and outperform traditional metallic applications. The tensile strength of Ixef® PARA mimics that of cast metals and alloys, which makes it an ideal polymer for single use, plastic surgical instruments such as inserters, forceps, retractors and extractors. 


Colorability and Customization

Ixef® PARA is available in a wide range of gamma-stabilized (GS) colors that facilitate the differentiation of surgical instrument sizes and present OEMs with unique branding opportunities. These GS resins are tested under ISO 10993:1 for biocompatibility and demonstrate no evidence of cytotoxicity, sensitization, intracutaneous reactivity or acute systemic toxicity.

Ixef® GS-1022

Ixef® 1022 gamma-stabilized (GS) colors are based on an FDA Master Access File (MAF) supported color palette that includes white, dark gray, medium gray, light gray, blue, brown, green and black. Unlike lower-performing plastics, Ixef® GS-1022 colored resins show no significant change in appearance or loss of mechanical properties after exposure to gamma radiation. They demonstrate no evidence of cytotoxicity, sensitization, intracutaneous reactivity or acute systemic toxicity, based on biocompatibility testing as defined by ISO 10993:1.

Wear Index Ixef GS-5022 vs. Ixef GS-1022

Ixef® GS-5022

Ixef® GS-5022 was developed as a low friction counterpart of Ixef® GS-1022. In addition to Ixef® GS-1022 properties, such as best-in-class stiffness, suitability to gamma radiation and excellent surface appearance, it provides improved friction and wear properties. Reduced Coefficient of Friction and Wear Index are beneficial for medical applications where high friction is expected, such as stent crimpers or components of single-use instruments functioning at high rotational speeds.

Ixef® GS-1022 Color Palette