Superior performance from a natural, renewable resource

Solvay’s Jaguar series of native, cationic and hydroxypropyl-modified natural guar polymers provide hair & body care formulators with a full range of conditioning and texturizing features. 

What is guar?

  • The guar plant (Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba Taub) is an abundant and renewable resource. It mainly grows in dry and arid environments in India, Pakistan and in SW USA 
  • The inner part of the plant, called the endosperm, is extracted to provide galactomannan, a large polymeric molecule of high molecular weight, on the order 2-3 million g/mol 
  • With its numerous reactive –OH functions, the galactomannan can be reacted with different molecules to provide controlled modifying, and functional properties that create new molecules - Jaguar®

Key Hair Care attributes include

  • Increased deposition of modifying properties to hair 
  • Controlled delivery of water-insoluble substances 
  • Exceptional conditioning properties at lower usage levels 
  • Excellent wet/dry hair combing and detangling 
  • Improved "soft" hold properties 
  • Easier to manage, smoother hair feel 
  • Enhanced foam sensorial attributes

Key body cleansing attributes are:

  • Reduce skin tightening caused by surfactants 
  • Restore skin’s pH buffering five times faster than other polymers 
  • Reduce skin irritation and redness by 30% over other cationic polymers 
  • Increase deposition of modifying properties to skin 
  • Controlled delivery of water-insoluble substances, such as soothing oils, moisturizers and emollients 
  • Soft, silky skin after-feel 
  • Enhanced foam sensorial attributes

Natural Guar based conditioning polymer

Guar gum is a natural polysaccharide extracted from seeds of guar beans. The exceptional properties of this guar gum, a renewable plant based source form the basis of Jaguar® C162, a conditioning marvel for skin and hair. 

Jaguar® C162 is a conditioning polymer that is best suited for formulating shower gels for soft skin and care and repair shampoos. Being substantive to skin, it is capable of providing rich creamy foam and enhancing skin feel. It boosts active delivery and is suitable for transparent formulations.  

Consumer needs


  • Vegetable derived natural ingredients for personal care formulation
  • Hair Repair and Conditioning
  • Skin Care

Consumer & Formulator benefits

  • Smooth hair and soft skin feel
  • Improved deposition on bleached hair
  • More balanced deposition between virgin and damaged areas of hair
  • Wet and dry conditioning
  • Rich and creamy foam
  • Eco-friendly profile
  • Suitable for transparent formulations 
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Guar polymer conditioning range

Gives hair an extra lift

This natural ingredient is ideal for volumizing shampoos and leave-in conditioners. Hair feels light, manageable and infused with volume so it looks healthy and full of body.

Jaguar®C500 TDS is the obvious choice for formulators who want to create weightless volume shampoos "fair cost" that give fine hair unmatched body and silkiness. Derived from the seeds of guar beans, a natural and renewable resource, Jaguar® C500 TDS provides all the key benefits of guar — enhanced foam, unique feel, cost effectiveness and increased deposition of actives such as silicone. Plus, it enables formulators to provide a unique sensorial conditioning experience.

An unique guar solution for weightless volume shampoo

Features & Benefits

  • Wet and dry conditioning
  • Light manageable hair
  • Volume respect
  • Good rinsability
  • No build-up after repeated use
  • Rich and soft foam

Consumer's needs

Jaguar® C500 TDS enables the formulation of shampoos that meet the needs and desires of today’s demanding consumers.

  • Hair volume
  • Fine hair
  • Greasy hair
  • Everyday-use