Outperforms the Competition

KetaSpire® PEEK (polyetheretherketone) offers the best combination of fatigue resistance and chemical resistance, which is similar to PPS (polyphenylene sulfide). However, PEEK can operate at higher temperatures and retains its excellent mechanical properties at continuous-use temperatures up to 240 °C (464 °F), allowing it to replace metal in severe end-use environments. Glass fiber-reinforced and carbon fiber-reinforced grades provide a wide range of performance options.


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Not All PEEK is Created Equal

Not all commercial PEEK products deliver the same level of performance. KetaSpire® PEEK offers distinct performance advantages due to Solvay’s newer polymer production technology. Depending on the grade, KetaSpire® PEEK offers

  • Better fatigue resistance
  • 20% higher impact strength
  • 60% higher ductility


    KetaSpire® Product Line

    Solvay’s KetaSpire® PEEK product line includes:

    • Neat grades (lubricated and non-lubricated)
    • Glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced grades (low and high melt flow)
    • Wear resistant SL grades (lubricated and non-lubricated)
    • Natural-colored powders (coarse, fine, super-fine and ultra-fine)


    Comparison of neat and modified grades


    Glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced KetaSpire® PEEK grades deliver the greater mechanical robustness required for demanding structural applications.

    Torsional DMA of neat and fiber reinforced KetaSpire® PEEK



    Wear Resistance

    Wear properties are enhanced by adding carbon fiber and polymeric lubricants such as PTFE. Torlon® PAI offers the best high-temperature wear resistance.

    Torsional DMA of wear-resistant Spire® Ultra Polymers


    Comparison of friction and wear grades