Hard Surface Cleaning Polymers designed to answer your needs

A broad range, specifically designed to answer your needs for various applications. From Surface Cleaning to Dish Care, let’s invent the cleaning of tomorrow.

Our Mirapol® Surf Polymers use our unique hydrophilizing technology to adsorb on surfaces and form a protective barrier that is resistant to rinsing and bring several benefits through water sheeting and soil release mechanisms. 


Hard Surface Cleaning : Bathroom, Kitchen & Glass (Mirapol® Surf-S 110)

  • Water sheeting 
  • Fast drying: thinner & uniform water film for accelerated drying 
  • Shiny surfaces, spot and streak free w Soil release & easy cleaning: prevents soil adhesion by changing surface energy. Makes subsequent cleanings easier due to reduced soil attraction
  • Effortless soap scum removal: the polymer avoids soap scum to adhere on surfaces for an easier cleaning


Surface Cleaning: Plastic (Mirapol® Surf-N HSC) 

  • Spotless Drying: Through hydrophilization, avoids formation of water beads on plastic surfaces
  • Easier Cleaning: It resists rinsing and wiping and reduces soil adhesion on the surface
  • Fast Drying: Better drainage of water on the surface accelerates drying for plastic surfaces that dries faster


Automatic Dish Washing Powder & Liquid-form detergents (Mirapol® Surf-S P-free Power & Mirapol® Surf-S 480PF) 

  •  Bring superior performance in Phosphate-free formulations 
  •  Avoid spot & streak residues on your dishware 
  •  Rinse-aid multi-benefits for all-in-one detergents 
  •  Easy process: liquid or granulated polymer easy to introduce 
  •  No polymer build-up


Acidic Cleaning Toilet Bowl and Bathroom Cleaners (Mirapol® Surf-S 900)

  •  Improved removal of visible soil from the first wash 
  •  Continuous cleaning action until depletion 
  •  Long-lasting effect due to polymer substantively, resistant to several flushes 
  •  Easier next-time cleaning with no follow-up scrubbing needed
  • Preservative-free and eco-label compliant

Vehicle Wash & Dilutables Professional detergents & Dilutables ( Mirapol® Surf-S 310)

  •  Prevents water drops formation on your vehicle 
  •  Homogeneous water film (water sheeting), even after a rainy day! 
  •  Fast drying (thanks to water sheeting effect) 
  •  Easy to process and to dilute 
  •  Quicker cleaning, Soil release and protection of your vehicle

What are the main consumer benefits to Mirapol® Surf?

  • Shinier Surfaces : Prevent streak and spot-like residues Anti-fog on glass & mirrors
  • Long-Lasting cleaning performance : Prevent soil adhesion and scale encrustation
  • Faster-drying : Thanks to water sheeting mechanism, water forms a thin and homogeneous film
  • Easier Cleaning Effortless : next time cleaning thanks to reduced soil-surface affinity

What are the main applications to Mirapol® Surf?

  • Ceramic 
  • Glass
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Painted Metals 
  • Plastic and modern surfaces







Mirapol® Surf S 900

Home Care

Continuous cleaning action 

Long-lasting effect

Easier cleaning 


ecolabel compliant

Cleansing Agent

Soil agent 

Protective Agent 

water sheeting agent


Mirapol® Surf-S P-free Power

Home Care

All-in one tablets

Improves water drainage

Avoid spots and streaks

Boost Shine performance

Cleansing Agent

Soil agent 

Protective Agent

water sheeting agent


Mirapol® Surf N HSC 

Home Care

Spotless Drying

Easier Cleaning 

Fast Drying

Natural Derived  

Cleansing Agent

Soil agent 

Protective Agent

Water Sheeting Agent 




AWD powders & Tablets

Mirapol Surf S P-free Power

ADW Liquids & Gels

Mirapol Surf S 480 PF

Mirapol® Surf N European Brochure