A natural functional active ingredient stepping into real hair cure!

Nothing beats a fresh haircut to make hair look shinier and healthier. But few weeks of multiple mechanical, chemical and thermal treatments cause split-ends that make hair unmanageable and lifeless. 

Thanks to Polycare® Split Therapy, trimming split ends is no longer the only fix for damaged hair. With this bio-sourced novel ingredient, formulators can create a holistic, split-end repair routine, from shampoos to conditioners and serums, and claim consumer benefits such as durable repair with more than 90 percent from the first use without compromising on sensory, resistance to wash-out and hot-ironing. 


Benefits and Features:

Versatile system:

  • Easy to use, compatible and efficient in rinse-off formulations as well as leave-on
  • Challenge to solutions: The split ends repair performance more than 90% split ends repaired from first use
  • Long-lasting sealing: Resists several combing, washing cycles & heat exposure
  • Consumer benefits: Beautiful lengths with no build-up effect
  • Renewable ingredient


Consumer Needs & Application:

  • Serum
  • Shampoo 
  • Conditioner