A natural functional active ingredient for long and healthy hair

of damaged hair are repaired


Trimming hair is no longer the only cure for split ends. Research and Innovation (R&I) teams at Solvay have developed the first-ever fix for split ends that works miracles on damaged hair. After a single application, Polycare® Split Therapy repairs damaged hair by 90% to deliver long-lasting sealing of split ends, leaving the hair looking and feeling healthy.


Tracking trends in global hair care

  • Maintaining longer hair to look more luxurious and healthy-looking 
  • De-averaging and customization through products designed “just for me”
  • Answering the call for Clean Beauty 

What does Polycare® Split Therapy bring?

The Solvay R&I team has a solution for curing damaged hair with new Polycare® Split Therapy, an efficient guar-based solution that formulators can easily use to offer real reparation in hair care and deliver long-term consumer satisfaction.
Polycare® Split Therapy has an innovative structure that delivers a host of advantages:

Hair Split-ends treatment animation
  • Instant and long-lasting split-ends repair: >90% healing after one serum application
  • A versatile solution: compatible and efficient in rinse-off and leave-on formulations
  • Aligned with eco-design principles: renewable material that is safe for the environment thanks to its ethically sourced, guar-based structure

“You can continue washing your hair with neutral shampoo, comb it and use a hot iron on it, and most of the repair will be retained, especially after an initial application as a serum.”

Marie Arzel, Business Development Manager, Home and Personal Care at Solvay.

Better long hair, naturally

Solvay Polycare® Split Therapy - Split end reparation

Split ends are a sign of unhealthy, damaged hair and often accompanied by breakage, dullness and premature aging.

Polycare® Split Therapy proves its efficiency by demonstrating its inherent properties. Statistical analysis was done to show Polycare® Split Therapy’s performance and durability with internal tests on tresses validated by an external laboratory. To begin the testing, split ends were counted one-by-one before and after treatment to calculate the percentage of reparation.

Solvay Polycare® Split Therapy - Test and benchmark in shampoo

In terms of performance, 90% to 95% of split ends were repaired after one serum application, versus 60% to 73% of reparation with commercial benchmarks. The split ends were fully sealed after just three applications using Polycare® Split Therapy. In testing its effectiveness in a shampoo, the results were just as promising: after just one washing, 40% to 60% of the hair was repaired.


Solvay's Polycare® Split Therapy consistently outperformed all market benchmarks

Solvay Polycare® Split Therapy - Single and multi-split end reparation

Damaged hair treated with Polycare® Split Therapy shows that it can withstand multiple washings, repeated combings and excessive heat exposures from flat or curling irons. Polycare® Split Therapy outperformed all market benchmarks.

Formulators can easily create an entire repair routine with some variations for hair type function

Polycare® Split Therapy is a natural-based, functional active that offers real and quantifiable hair cure upon first use and long-lasting sealant properties even after repeated use. Because this ethically and responsibly sourced ingredient is versatile and easy to use, formulators will find Polycare® Split Therapy to be ideal for designing products that can satisfy multiple consumer needs.


Consumer applications:

  1. Serum and treatment
  2. Shampoo
  3. Conditionner