Repel-O-Tex® range bridges the gaps and delivers strong performance polymers for laundry

    New consumer expectations for laundry 

    Today, consumers want products that will protect and preserve not only their clothes but also the planet. So, they are turning to brands that can propose innovative formats or formulations with eco-friendly and safer ingredients. This is part of a bigger trend “My Healthy Home” that peaked during the pandemic as people spent more time at home. However, laundry products still need to be effective at removing dirt, whiteness maintenance, fighting mal odors and protecting clothes in the long term. the possibility of optimizing fertilizer use as well as water consumption while maintaining the same level of yield.

    Boost the cleaning performance of synthetic fabric 

    Daily life is full of oily soils that are hard to remove since they can penetrate deeply into the fibers! On top of that, synthetic fibers are the new normal, representing more than 73% of the global demand in 2017. However, compared to cotton fabric, synthetic is hydrophobic, meaning it attracts oily stains, which makes it the most challenging garment to wash due to the lack of affinity with water during the wash cycle. 

    Our best-in-class soil-release polymers, Repel-O-Tex®, boost detergents and wash away tough and oily stains. This range is specifically made for synthetic fabrics such as polyester or mixed polyester/cotton.

    How does it work 

    Best-in-class soil-release polymers for fabric - Repel-O-Tex®range

    By increasing surface hydrophilicity, Repel-O-Tex® polymers reduce interactions between synthetic fabric and greasy soil. This technology is particularly suited to polyester fabric and polyester/cotton fabric. The invisible polymer layer prevents strong soil adhesion on the fabric from the first wash, improving the performance from one wash to the next without any polymer build-up. 

    Efficient and sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life

    Better for the planet

    • Natural-based solution: 75% of carbon used in Repel-O-Tex® Crystal NAT comes from sugar cane 
    • Wash with fewer chemicals: efficient even at lower detergent levels. Up to 20% less surfactant without compromising on performance
    • Cold wash compatible: same level of performance even at a temperature as low as 20°C

    Better for life

    • Shields against grease: protects garments against daily soils and deep penetration into fabrics
    • Whiteness maintenance: keeps dirt away from clothes and keeps whites whiter; wash after wash
    • Malodor control: reduces malodor on test fabric by reducing the bacteria development on fabric.
    • Long-lasting performance: the deposition of an invisible polymer layer makes the performance stronger from one wash to the next