A Novel Safe & Powerful Solvent for Innovative Plant Protection Products


Rhodiasolv® PolarClean is an eco-friendly water soluble polar solvent or co-solvent very effective to solubilize agrochemicals. It is recommended to use in EC’s (emulsifiable concentrate) at 20 to 60%. In addition to its high solvency property, acts also as crystal growth inhibitor and improves the cold stability of your final formulation.


Customers’ challenges

Agrochemical formulators are facing a need to find alternative solvent that are environmentally friendly while continuing to deliver traditional solvent performance. In addition to meeting the customer requirements on delivering good solvent performance, Solvay is fully integrated in the raw material used in the manufacture of this solvent, meeting the sustainability criteria.


Features and benefits

  • Excellent eco-friendly and safety profile with Solvay in-house raw materials
  • Wide range of polarity 
  • From water soluble to almost insoluble
  • Non-flammable and with very low vapor pressure
  • Proprietary solvent blend solutions for a wide range of Agrochemicals 


Application – Formulations

Rhodiasolv® PolarClean is easy-to-use and to-handle. 
Whether developing formulations based on new active ingredients or reformulation, our dedicated technical team is ready to do screenings and choose the right solvent system adapted to agrochemicals. The level of confidential service is adapted to customers’ needs: from general technical recommendations to full service screening and trials according to customers’ requirements.