The Rhodoline range of products encompasses additives for paints and coatings applications. 

Products include

  • Dispersants 
  • Wetting Agents
  • Defoamers
  • Functional and other performance additives

Rhodoline® OTE 600: Maximize your open-time!



Ecolabel-compliant APE-free low VOC & SVOC solution for coatings, Rhodoline® OTE 600 enhances workability, open-time and application properties & film appearance, which leads to better aesthetics of the paint.



  • Longer workability
  • Better film appearance
  • Better applicability
  • Better flow and leveling
  • Perfect for Ecofriendly paint
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Maintains & improves other paint performances


Rhodoline® OTE 600 involves a “patented hydrophobe technology” that slows latex particle to particle contact during the drying process thereby delaying initial coalescence. 



  • Extends open-time

  • Enables design of low to zero VOC coating formulations

  • APE-free

  • Very low VOC & low SVOC

  • Ecolabel-compliant

  • Low odor

  • Versatile utility of binders: acrylic, styrene acrylic, vinyl acetate, VEOVA

  • Reduces / eliminates wetting agents

  • Electrosteric stabilization

  • Alternative to glycols



  • In coatings formulation, 1,0% is recommended to gain open-time
  • Product should be formulated as close as possible to the binder and mixed thoroughly

Rhodoline® WA 265N: Your Eco-friendly Pigment Wetting & Dispersing Agent!


Ecolabel-compliant APE-free wetting & dispersing agent for paint and pigment dispersions, Rhodoline® WA 265N provides excellent tint strength and stability over time.


Features & Benefits


Solvay’s Rhodoline® WA 265N is the most cost-efficient Eco-friendly choice to boost color development of your colorants and paints!

Rhodoline® WA 265N enabling to participate in the Eco-friendly market due to its toxicological profile and its very low VOC and SVOC levels. In addition, it provides better efficiency due to its high wetting pigment power, meaning that less dispersant is required to obtain excellent color development. 

Rhodoline® WA 265N offers broad compatibility with color pigments and paint systems improving the stability.


  • Waterborne colorants
  • Waterborne coatings

Rhodoline® 3000 Series are APE free wetting and dispersing agents for low and zero VOC colorants for coatings and inks

Rhodoline® 3000 series are unique hydrophobes featuring strong adsorption that increases colloidal stability. There are versatile products that can be utilized across and wide range of HLB organic pigments


Features & Benefits


  • APE Free
  • Low VOC
  • Effective dispersants for colorants
  • Dispersants for low to high HLB range organic pigments (colors and carbon black pigments)
  • Improved dispersion efficiency



  • Architectural Coatings
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Inks
  • Automotive Coatings
  • Electronics

Rhodoline® 4000 Series are APE Free wetting and dispersing agents

Rhodoline® 4000 series are versatile products that can be used as co-dispersants within the grind and colorant systems and also, as a post-additive in paints to achieve optimum color enhancement and development.

Features & Benefits

Rhodoline® 4000 series are used across a wide range of inorganic color pigments. They improve the color development and color acceptance of the final coating/ink.



  • Achitectural Coatings
  • Industrial Coatings 
  • Inks
  • Automotive Coatings 
  • Electronics

Rhodoline® FT 100

A freeze thaw stabilizer for Low and Zero VOC water based paints

The best solution to achieve freeze-thaw stability


Features & Benefits

Rhodoline® FT 100 is an APE-free, solve free additive utilized to improve freeze thaw stability. It is primarily used in low Tg binders and water based paints with little or no glycol ether. Rhodoline® FT 100 helps extend the painting window in cold climates.



Architectural Coatings.

Rhodoline® WA: New APE Free Wetting Agents for Paints


Customer Challenge for Paint and Coating

Rhodoline® WA series are APE free surfactants with excellent wetting and low-foaming properties. 

Rhodoline® WA series are especially designed for use in formulating waterborne architectural paints and coating compositions.


Features & Benefits

  • Excellent wetting 
  • Low foaming
  • Cost effective
  • APE Free
  • Fast migration
  • Silicone free
  • Easy to handle



Wetting agent for paint formulations

Low Foam Pigment Wetting Agent



  • Excellent pigment wetting
  • Low foam
  • Improve color acceptance of universal colorants
  • Improves paint stability
  • Improved scrub resistance
  • Excellent hiding


Rhodoline® WA 1801 improves Pigment Wetting and Color Acceptance



  • APEO free wetting agent
  • Effectively wets out TiO2, Talc, Clay and other pigments
  • Improves universal colorants acceptance in waterborne paints
  • Applications : Waterborne architectural paints, colorants and inks