Vanilla is one of the best universal tastes, reminiscent of childhood while remaining trendy. Vanillin is at the heart of the vanilla taste as its main organoleptic component.

Built on an historical expertise, Solvay's vanillin, Rhovanil®, is the market reference for the whole Food industry thanks to its numerous properties, its sweet and creamy scent of vanilla and its industrial know-how.

Rhovanil® range is the sole vanillin on the market obtained by a fully mastered manufacturing chain in a single site from raw materials to vanillin.   

Solvay vanillin features & benefits

All Solvay vanillin grades offer the following fetaures to the benefits of consumers, customers and food applications: 


  • Sweet, creamy scent of vanilla
  • The highest Food Safety standards (produced in FSSC 22000 certified manufacturing plants)
  • A complete traceability and security of supply (3 sisters production units)
  • consistent quality thanks to a complete process control throughout the manufacturing chain
  • A clean and sustainable manufacturing chain
  • The best-in-class technology
  • Halal and Kosher certifications 
  • Outstanding properties: highest purity level on the market, consistent physico-chemical and organoleptic properties, excellent solubility


Rhovanil® Range: 3 grades to suit applications' needs

Rhovanil® is a range that includes several grades to better reply to specific applications challenges. As the main organoleptic profile as that of vanilla, they can be used in food products for specific technical reasons but also for taste signature objectives.


  • Rhovanil® is the reference for all food applications with good dissolution & mixability. It is interesting in Bakery/ pastry, Chocolate for instance. 

  • Rhovanil® Fine Mesh has the same global charascteristic as Rhovanil® , with smaller particle size distribution and no particles exceeding 250 microns. Particularly suited for confectionery & beverage, it is easy to mix with sugar powder, chocholate powder or vanillinated sugar. It allows indeed an homogeneous mixing in fine dry foods (sucrose, flour or baking powder) and a fast dissolution in low acidity and visquous liquids.

  • Rhovanil® Free Flow has a very high flowability thanks to a low-dosage, food grade anti-caking agent. It is the solution with automatic dosing or dispensing equipment (instant beverage machines) or when ingredients have transportation times in pneumatic conveyors.   


Vanillin and Food functional solutions expertise


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