Reinventing How Reagents Are Formulated

Faced with constantly changing ore feeds, variable yield and growing pressure to improve productivity, mineral processors now stand to improve outcomes thanks to new digital technologies. Advancements in sensors, live data access, computing power, artificial intelligence (AI), connectivity and now real-time reagent formulation are creating opportunities for digital mining performance optimization. Taking the digital transformation of mining another step forward, Solvay has reinvented the way reagents are formulated with the Solvay Cube.    


What is the Solvay Cube?

The Solvay Cube is a state-of-the-art dosing equipment system that enables more precise blending and dosing control of reagent building-block chemicals during mineral processing trials. 


A Cutting-Edge Dosing System For Improved Mineral Processing

Solvay’s innovative technology uses plant results to make real-time reagent adjustments, which can be customized to improve metallurgical performance and operational stability. Through advanced connected mining chemistry, the Solvay Cube provides an array of benefits for digitally enabled mineral processing

The Solvay Cube promotes improved mineral recovery, better process outcomes and a reduced environmental impact. 

Customers benefit from:  

  • Real-time reagent adjustment and customization
  • Greater trial stability: reduces the risk of running a reagent evaluation that might lead to plant instability during a trial 
  • Portable system with a small footprint
  • Easy to set up and compatible with the mill’s power supply
  • Fully connected mining unit, integrating with mill systems (including DCS, PI server, etc.)
cube schematic

Easily Implemented Smart Mining Chemistry

Up and running in no time

The Solvay Cube not only revolutionizes the way minerals are processed, but is also logistically practical. Our cutting-edge dosing system can be easily transported to the mine site and set up for reagent optimization plant trials. The Solvay Cube requires a minimal footprint, and assembly can be performed in less than two hours by a single employee, using solely the tools provided in the toolbox. 

The Solvay Cube can be tailored for the specific operational requirements of the mine site, as the power supply and DCS controller plugs can be customized. The system can be run completely independent of the DCS or integrated for full control. Its mobile design, touchscreen panel, intuitive controls and user-friendly interface make the Solvay Cube particularly simple to manage. 

Once implemented, this digital mining solution allows for data collection on dosage time, flow rates and blend ratios. It can be connected to the operation’s PI server for seamless performance tracking or run offline. Additionally, the Solvay Cube can be configured to blend all the streams in an in-line mixer or to direct different blend ratios to different addition points of the process, enabling total customization for optimal data analysis and improved mining productivity.