Vanifolia® is a natural and functional vanillin based-solution, from non GMO rice botanical origin. It ensures unique benefits throughout optimized food functions and a genuine vanillin taste. 

It perfectly meets the growing consumer trends on natural request, performance nutrition and food safety. 

Key features and benefits 

  • A Global and Universal natural solution 

  • A natural solution with a consistent quality

  • A taste enhancer

  • A sweet, round and creamy vanilla taste

  • An off-note masking of bitterness astringency, metallic notes, grassy and earthous notes of some vegetal or wey protein, stevia for instance

  • An efficient mixibility and good dispersion in solution

  • A vanillin ingredient replacer

Solvay services for Vanifolia®

  • 4 centers of expertise to support your customized food and nutrition applications
  • A complete traceability and food compliance thanks to regulatory and product stewardship team experts in vanillin ingredients for many years
  • The highest and most stringent food safety standards

Food Applications

  • Bakery & Premix: cakes, cookies, muffins, brownies, waffles, premix, custard
  • Chocolate & Confectionary: chocolate tablets, chocolate spread, cocoa powder, fillings, confectionery
  • Instant Powder Drinks: instant chocolate powder, cappuccino, dairy creamer, tea, dairy powders

Performance Nutrition Applications


  • Sports Nutrition : protein powder (shake, meal replacer), bar, snack, ready to drink (liquid)
  • Health & Wellness, Weight Management: snack, bar, shakes
  • Adult & Pediatric Nutrition: high protein, nutraceuticals and food supplements