Vanilla taste is universal as the most used flavors in food and reminiscence of our childhood. 

Today the trend for natural solutions based on vanilla beans is growing while the annual harvest of genuine vanilla pods is not sufficient at all to support the worldwide needs (only 1 to 2% of the global demand). Beans cost is very high and does not stop increasing while the quality can fluctuate a lot.

Solvay proposes with Vanifolia®  Bean the perfect solution to ensure authentic vanilla taste, natural labeling and sustainable availability at a reliable cost.

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Nature at the Tip of the Tongue

Vanifolia®  Bean proposes a unique concentration of Solvay centennial expertise in vanilla taste and natural labeling solution to support the growing clean label and natural bean extract trends within the Food industry.

This natural solutions range can support innovative developments or substitute existing flavorings in various sweet applications like biscuits, filling, chocolate bars, instant powder drinks and more.


Vanifolia® Bean: Natural vanilla flavor labeling

In Europe, Vanifolia®  Bean is proposed specifically for applications that require a 'Natural vanilla flavor’ labeling, a key purchasing factor for a growing percentage of consumers. This range can also be labeled as ‘Natural flavor’ in USA and a large majority of countries. Our team of experts can support you in finding the right products for the right labeling of course, linked to your specific applicative and geographic targets.

Globally, this range of natural solutions is designed to propose an authentic, sweet and subtle vanilla note with potential functional properties when requested.


Find the suitable Vanifolia® Bean reference for your own applications

Vanifolia®  Bean natural solutions are grades adapted to the challenges of specific Food segments like Bakery- Premix, Chocolate & Confectionery or Nutrition.

By essence, all our food solutions are developed towards stringent Food safety standards to ensure the best of Nature in your formulations