High-Performance Long Fiber Compounds

The Xencor™ family of long fiber thermoplastics (LFT) are innovative, long-fiber reinforced structural products that target challenging metal replacement applications and semi-structural applications. Xencor™ compounds are formulated using specialty polymers and engineering polymers, including: polyphenylene sulfide (PPS); polyphthalamide (PPA); polyarylamide (PARA); high-performance polyamide (HPPA); and polyamide 66 (PA66). Each formulation is designed specifically to achieve maximum synergy between: high performance, design freedom, functions integration, weight reduction and per-part cost economy through fast cycle times. 

The function of LFTs is to create, during the injection molding process, a unique 3D entangled long glass fiber network inside the molded part (shown below). This glass fiber network really forms a strong fiber skeleton, which ensures optimal dimensional stability and significantly improves the thermal-mechanical properties compared to traditional highly filled short-fibers plastics. 



Advantages of XencorTM Compounds

Combination of high stiffness and outstanding impact strength Unrivaled retention of mechanical performance at high temperature Extremely low tendency to creep under high permanent loading
Outstanding fatigue resistance Reduced isotropic shrinkage High dimensional stability and very low warpage
High shear strength and high burst pressure Excellent surface finish Ease of processing and fast cycle times