Xencor™ Long Fiber Thermoplastics Performance Data

Xencor™ long fiber compounds are created using a pultrusion process, where continuous reinforcement fiber strands are impregnated with plastic resin and trimmed to the targeted granulate length of typically, 7 to 9 mm. These materials are reinforced with glass fibers, the length of which corresponds to the granulate length. 

Xencor™ products can be processed on commercial standard injection-molding equipment. Simply, low shear conditions must be preferred in order to minimize unnecessary fiber filament breakage. Solvay’s LFT compounds are available in dried form, shipped in ready-to-use octabins and in 25kg plastic bags.  

Comparison of Xencor™ long fiber compounds to short fiber compounds


Increased stiffness retention at high temperature

The fiber skeleton ideally created in the molded article actively limits the effect of resin softening above glass transition of the plastic material and thus significantly improves the retention of performances at high temperature.


Outstanding Impact & Crash Resistance

Xencor™ grades are extremely resilient materials. The active participation of the fiber skeleton in impact energy dissipation and in the inhibition of crack propagation provides a unique positioning for Solvay LFT grades in terms of their stiffness/toughness combination. This makes Xencor™ LFTs excellent candidates for metal replacement in structural applications or applications needing to withstand crash impact and high speed stress. 

Falling Weight Impact Test - Xencor™ PPA 
PTI-CEAST - 23°C - 28.5 J Impactor



Very low Creep

The creep resistance of Xencor™ compounds is superior to that of most high performance polymers with similar glass fiber content and is definitely a key advantage for parts operating under constant loading cases.


Graph compares strain evolution of specimen maintained under load.
The fiber skeleton significantly limits the initial part deformation that occurs after load application as well as the increase in deformation over time.