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Foundations For the Future


Foundations For the Future (FFF) is Solvay’s intensive rotational development program dedicated to new graduates performing all around the world, to help them expand their horizons.

Originally running in North America, the program has been training chemical and mechanical engineers since 1998. The Group is now expanding this successful experience worldwide and to other professions such as Marketing & Sales. The graduates will discover a world of possibilities in all the industries that we serve – from energy and environment, automotive, electronics to healthcare.

Discover a worldwide company, with 110 sites within 64 countries and to join more than 23,000 collaborators.



About our program


  • Hands-on experience through rotational assignments with 2 to 3 rotations of 12-24 month-long rotations, up to 3 different locations;
  • Opportunities in all areas of our business from engineering, manufacturing excellence, process, maintenance, production to finance and Sales & Marketing;
  • On-going core skills training, with 3 to 4 weeks over the program covering topics such as project management, analytical problem-solving, presentation and negotiation skills;
  • Management interaction thanks to business leaders who share insights and experience and a dedicated mentor for advice and support.

It’s a proactive hiring solution. The program enables us to develop a reservoir of well-rounded professionals that can fit into any business and manufacturing position thanks to their unique experience and skills.

Katelyn Roberts, Global FFF Program Manager

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