Solvay has over 60 years of experience in the UV stabilization of polymers and has developed innovative additive technologies that have helped the plastics industry grow. Our products serve a critical role in effectively enhancing physical properties and in preventing color fade, surface crazing, and gloss loss in plastic and coatings. We focus on understanding the needs of individual customers and markets to continuously develop innovative UV stabilizer solutions that address specific market and application needs. Our global technical support team partners with customers to understand their specific application requirements and identify solutions that help polymers last longer and perform better.

Solvay’s polymer additives offer a range of technically superior products that enhance the performance of agricultural films, automotive interiors and exteriors, rotomolded parts, membranes, building and construction parts, performance fibers, coatings, electronic components, and a variety of other plastic applications.

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Stabilization Community

With the plastics industry evolving, staying up-to-date on industry developments has never been more important. The Polymer Additives Stabilization Community is a digital initiative from Solvay designed for insight sharing among professionals focused on polymer stabilization. Visit this page regularly for discussions designed to propel the industry - and your business - forward.

Polymers usually age during exposure to light, oxygen and heat. Stabilizers are used to combat this degradation and extend the polymer part's appearance and life by protecting against loss of strength, stiffness, flexibility and gloss in a myriad of industries and applications. 

Solvay leads the way in satisfying the stabilization needs in applications like automotive, coatings and agricultural film via its CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS®  and CYASORB® CYXTRA® stabilizer families.. With our innovative technologies and market expertise, we will collaborate with your team to identify the right product to meet your exact performance requirements.

To maintain the stability of plastics, elastomers and other material during processing, antioxidants can be utilized to prevent degradation. They will also enhance the performance integrity of the part and prolong its useful life in the end application. 

Solvay offers a diverse range of antioxidants to service industries such as agriculture, automotive and building and construction. Our CYANOX® antioxidants help plastics perform better and last longer.

Antistatic agents offer a solution to problems related to the accumulation of electric charges on plastic materials such as spark formation during processing and dust attraction during storage. 

Our CYASTAT® antistatic agents, CYASTAT® 609, CYASTAT® SN and CYASTAT® SP, are the perfect solution to avoid buildup of static charges in plastics and coatings applications.