The partner of choice for advanced materials development

As a top tier supplier to the aerospace engineered materials market known for our technology leadership and the value Solvay brings to our customers: scale and technical capability, profitability in the top quartile of peers, double-digit earnings growth in previous business cycles.

Combining 50 years of technology heritage, a comprehensive product portfolio and expertise in design materials and process engineering to deliver innovative customer solutions that maximize technology capability and simplify manufacturing.  

We also provide advanced composite and adhesive materials for extreme-demand environments, radical temperature changes, aircraft material expansion and contraction and other external conditions. 



Product portfolio for Solvay's Composite Materials solutions.

Solvay is a leading provider of carbon fiber, advanced composite materials adhesives and surfacing films, and process materials for the aerospace, automotive, oil & gas and industrial markets. Our composite material solutions offer benefits such as lightweighting, design freedom, and part and system integration. Solvay scientists and engineers work together to develop high performance materials that meet growing requirements for compatibility with automated processes, high production rates and lower total cost of ownership.

Solvay's Composite Materials Application Engineering expertise is key to the business leadership. Our teams are dedicated to developing new composite products, technologies and processes to meet the affordability and higher-rate needs of our customer's industries. 

We work collaboratively with our partners and customers to develop solutions that meet the market expectations in terms of lightweighting, design freedom, part and system integration. We put a strong focus on automated systems that will be key to the industrialization of composites. Our Application Center in Heanor, UK, is fully equipped with robotic equipment and is the test bed for many of our new technologies.

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Solvay’s global team of composites experts are ready to respond to your inquiry. Please email our team of sales experts at, and they will connect you with the right person to provide the answers you need. Because of our broad portfolio and the varieties of markets we serve, we ask you to include a detailed description of your anticipated needs. The more details you are able to provide, the faster we can locate the right specialist.

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