Create a complex composite part in under 5 minutes

Solvay has developed a novel forming technology called Double Diaphragm Forming (DDF). This method automates dry fiber pre-forming, prepreg pre-forming or press molding into a single-step process speeding up the takt time involved in part making. The DDF technology also cuts down on labor cost and processing time due to the two diaphragm layers preventing the need for tool preparation and cool down between moldings. The diaphragm itself can act as a protective layer for painting and bonding operations.

This new technology is easy to implement because it can be tailored to your current press infrastructures. The DDF technology has already proven its capabilities in terms of part quality, process accuracy and repeatability. Solvay is now working to scale up the process towards industrialization readiness by developing an automated pilot production line, enabling a sub 5 minute takt time and a highly automated process.

Animation Double Diaphragm Forming


Key Benefits:

  • Single-step molding process reducing takt and cycle times

  • Accurately form complex 3D shapes while minimizing chances of defects

  • Fully automated process compatible with hot compression molding

  • Eliminates the need for tool cleaning or releasing and less prone to contamination

  • Highly versatile for various high-volume applications

  • Chemically inert parts until removal of Solvay films

Typical Applications:

Serial production of structural components, up to 50,000 per year from a single manufacturing line. Successfully demonstrated on:

  1. Regular and low tack prepregs

  2. Fast and slow cure prepregs

  3. Wet-wound blanks

  4. Woven and NCF reinforcements with binder for RTM/HP-RTM preforms