Stable preforms, structural integration, and manufacturing flexibility

Resin infusion technology is used to manufacture composite parts for aerospace primary and secondary structures such as engine fan blades, composite wing boxes and spoiler components. This technology allows parts to be efficiently integrated and cured in a single process resulting in fewer drilled holes and a lighter weight structure through eliminating the need for fasteners and adhesives. 

Basic Procedure:

  1. Preform Layup
  2. Hot Drape Forming
  3. Final Part Assembly & Sealing
  4. Infusion & Cure 
  5. Part Removal
  6. Part Finishing

Key Benefits:

  • Highly consolidated stable preform
  • Structural integration
  • Structure performance
  • Lower recurring manufacturing costs (lower capex, lower energy costs, fewer processes)
  • Manufacturing flexibility: compatible with in/out of autoclave curing

Technologies and Products Offered by Solvay for Resin Infusion Processes:

  • Resin systems including PRISM® EP2400, CYCOM® PR520,  CYCOM® 890 and CYCOM® 823 RTM
  • Dry engineered textiles including PRISM® TX1100 which has been developed for automated processing
  • Process materials designed for the infusion process.
  • Cavity filler technology

Typical Applications:

  • Aerospace primary structure applications such as engine fan blades and composite wing boxes