Manufacturers rely on Solvay for world-leading adhesive technology and top quality products

Our adhesives are suitable for composite-to-composite, composite-to-metal and metal-to-metal bonding. Our products are designed to address the challenges that customers face due to varying substrate materials, robotic assembly processes and an infinite combination of production environments and performance requirements. As the leading supplier of aerospace adhesives, our products are qualified for use on aircraft programs and are proven to perform in demanding applications.

We formulate and manufacture a comprehensive range of molding surface improvement epoxy films fully compatible with our out-of-autoclave processable prepregs. These films are formulated to provide a range of surface options, including tough and high visual quality finishes, or sandable and paint-ready surfaces all direct from the mold, most with either no or minimal reworking prior to use. 

Our full portfolio of adhesive, surfacing films and primers are available in a variety of product forms to enable manufacturing flexibility. Our knowledgeable technical and account teams provide exceptional support to help customers develop solutions for their rigorous adhesive and surfacing applications. 


Our adhesives and surfacing portfolio includes:

  • Adhesives

  • Composite Surfacing

  • Core Splice Foams and Potting Compounds

  • Firewall Sealants

  • Bonding Primers

Relevant Brands and Products:

Brands Products
MTA® MTA 240, MTA 241
VTA® VTA 260
VTM® VTM 243FRB, VTM 264, VTM 264-1, VTM 264FRB, VTM 264S-1, VTM 266, VTM 267, VTM 267FRB
HTA® HTA 240
MTF® MTF 246
VTF® VTF 242FRB, VTF 261, VTF 266
Surface Master® Surface Master 905