With a broad portfolio of specialty polymers, glass and carbon fibers, and resin systems, we are uniquely positioned to provide leadership in manufacturing of thermoplastic prepreg composites.

Solvay thermoplastic composites provide manufacturing efficiency, high performance, chemical and corrosion resistance, the ability to manufacture complex shape and functional integration thanks to overmolding. Our thermoplastic composites technologies deliver new solutions to the aerospace, oil and gas, and automotive markets. Because curing is not necessary, the use of thermoplastic composites tend to increase manufacturing rates. Thermoplastic parts are fabricated through rapid consolidation techniques such as compression molding, stamp forming, or pultrusion. High-impact resistance, reshaping capability, and eco-friendly manufacturing options make thermoplastics a leading solution in the composites industry.

Why thermoplastic composites?

Aeroplane flying above the clouds

Fast Cycle Time

  • Robust cost-effective fabrication
  • Enables higher build-rates
  • More efficient part assembly
Oil & Gas

Environmental Resilience

  • Resistance to aggressive fluids
  • No corrosion
  • Improved recyclability
road car

Performance and Durability

  • High strength
  • Unrivaled toughness
  • Outstanding crash performance

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