Solvay provides solutions for stored product pest management. Cylinderized phosphine has been used worldwide as a fumigant in stored-product protection for over 20 years. Phosphine gas is injected into agricultural commodity storage (silos, bins and containers) to effectively control all stages of insects when used in accordance with the label.  Solvay supplies both a ready-for-use product, ECO2FUME®, which is 2% phosphine, and VAPORPH3OS®, which is pure phosphine.


Benefits of Solvay’s cylinderized phosphine fumigants:

  • Easy, accurate dosing from the start

  • Achieves target phosphine concentration in minutes, not hours

  • Eliminates cost to dispose of process wastes

  • Non-ozone depleting under the Montreal Protocol


ECO2FUME® and VAPORPH3OS® are restricted-use pesticides that should only be applied by licensed fumigators and used in accordance with the product label.

As the electronics industry continues to evolve, new device manufacture will require high-purity, specialized materials. Solvay offers high-purity phosphine gas to semiconductor gas supply companies and high-purity phosphine derivatives into the electronics supply chain.

Our CYPURE® high-purity phosphine is commonly used as an n-type dopant for silicon semiconductor manufacture. It is also used in the production of III - V compound semiconductor devices such as LEDs and laser diodes.

Solvay’s CYTOP® and CYPHOS® IL high-purity phosphine derivatives are used for multiple applications in the manufacture of chips, quantum dots and batteries. They serve a variety of roles, acting as solvents, precursors, dopants and electrolyte additives.


For more than 60 years, PROBAN® textiles have kept people in a variety of settings safe, protecting them against risks of arc flash, flash fire and molten metal splash.


PROBAN® is a quality-controlled technological process that gives cotton and cotton-rich woven and knitted textiles flame retardant properties. Articles  manufactured from PROBAN® fabrics provide reliable flame retardant performance and peace of mind to industrial, institutional and end-consumers throughout the world while conforming with industry fire regulations.


PROBAN® fabrics are manufactured on a strict quality control basis through Solvay licensees. Licensees are monitored closely to ensure all PROBAN® fabrics continue to meet industry regulations for flame retardancy.


Benefits of PROBAN® garments include:

  • Comfort - soft to the skin

  • Breathability

  • Launderability - can be washed like any other piece of clothing using normal household detergent or via industrial laundering

  • Multirisk protection



Solvay’s THPC chemistry is used for pretanning in the removal of grease for improved performance and to produce whiter/brighter pelts, allowing for bright colors and pastel shades.

Solvay’s phosphonium-based products are used as antimicrobials in applications such as oilfields as well as in industrial wastewater treatment. The chemistries include both TTPC (tributyl(tetradecyl)phosphonium chloride) and THPS (Tetrakis(hydroxymethyl)phosphonium sulfate). They are stable under a variety of conditions, have low bioaccumulation and do not create cumulative exposure risk. Solvay’s offerings can be supplied via our Novecare global business unit.

Life sciences require specialized high-purity materials with tightly controlled purity profiles for the synthesis of complex organic molecules.

Solvay’s products are high in purity and can be transitioned from lab quantities to meet customers’ industrial scale production needs.


Our RhodaPhos® portfolio includes products manufactured for the synthesis of high-purity oligonucleotides and prodrugs, as well as ligands for catalytic transformations such as hydrogenation, carbonylation and coupling reactions.

Alkylphosphines are sold under the Solvay CYTOP® organophosphine brand name. They are often used to improve systems that have traditionally been operated with triphenylphosphine, and generally provide faster kinetics, improved selectivity and ease of work-up. An example of application is tertiary alkylphosphines as catalysts in transformations such as the Baylis-Hillman and Rauhut-Currier reactions.


Sold under the CYTOP®, CYPHOS® and RhodaPhos® brand names, Solvay’s phosphine derivatives are key to the efficient, sustainable and effective operation of many processes in the chemical industry. Common uses include the following:

  • Separation of metal and mineral mixtures

  • Extraction of organic acids from aqueous streams and removal of impurities from product streams

  • Sequestration of toxic elements from waste streams

  • Recycling of raw materials

  • Ligands to facilitate homogeneous catalysis in petrochemical, agrochemical, and flavor and fragrance applications via phase transfer catalysts

  • Reagents/intermediates for a number of well-known organic transformations

Solvay’s products can be applied across this complex value chain. CYPHOS® products act as latent catalysts, accelerators and cross-linking agents that enhance the properties of thermoset resins. The high phosphorus content of these products can also provide flame retardancy.

Solvay’s AMGARD® product line acts as both additive and reactive flame retardants for a number of polymer systems. Phosphonic acid-derived products have a dual hydrophobic and hydrophilic nature; ALBRITECT® enables them to “lock” the surface of organic and inorganic materials together, which can be used to improve dispersion, enhance processing performance and protect metal surfaces.