Specialty Polymers: Tiny Molecules, Huge Impact

Solvay is a world leader in high-performance Specialty Polymers, we provide you with the broadest selection of advanced materials. Our offer is unique. We have developed an unmatched portfolio of more than 1500 different formulations available for you to develop future applications for your industry.

Our products have been created to maintain their performance in the harshest environments: each one with the specific combination of properties needed for exceptional heat resistance and chemical inertness, strength and toughness, lightweighting and design flexibility, biocompatibility and many more.

Our materials meet the needs of the most demanding industries, ranging from deep-sea exploration to implantable spinal devices.



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Top Tier Portfolio


Specialty Polymers are innovative, top-tier solutions and Solvay is the leader, offering the world’s broadest portfolio of these advanced materials. Our focus is on engineering innovation and we work with our customers at the forefront of their market. 

In our dedicated centers of research and innovation, world-class polymer scientists develop strong, lightweight polymers, fluids and elastomers that provide competitive solutions, greater design freedom and added value for our partners. Superior mechanical performance, fatigue and wear resistance, and high-quality surface finish are just a few of the factors that characterize our portfolio.

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At the Heart of Sustainable Technology

At Solvay, our mindset and passion for innovation began more than 150 years ago and is still in our DNA. We work closely with our partners, inventing the future together to create solutions, that in turn, help them to lead and innovate in their own markets. Our innovations bring us closer to addressing some of world’s toughest challenges.



Meeting Your Market Challenges

Every market has its own individual trends and specific needs. At Specialty Polymers, our deep market experience means we can provide high-performing, customized solutions to meet your market challenges, no matter how difficult.



Additive Manufacturing

Thanks to our Smart Innovation R&D process, we have a growing range of tailor-made high-performance Specialty Polymers for industrial 3D printing. Join us in taking Additive Manufacturing to the next level.

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You need to reduce weight, burn less fuel and diminish CO2 emissions. We can help you in replacing heavy metal parts with extremely lightweight specialty polymers that are just as strong and often more resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures.

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We can help you focus on reducing CO2 emissions. Check out our solutions for improving powertrain efficiency, increasing vehicle electrification, lightweighting, and reducing fuel consumption.

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The dynamic batteries market brings challenges that can only be met through innovative materials and processing technologies. Solvay is working with its partners to develop new solutions for safer, cost-effective and more performing batteries to accelerate development programs.

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We offer performance you can trust in meeting the safety regulations, durability and competitive cost demands of this market. Specialty Polymers offer lead-free, high performing, internationally approved solutions.

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In a market where aesthetics plays an important role, we can provide strong, lightweight alternatives to metal, to reduce costs and improve performance. Solutions with superior mechanical properties and heat resistance also make them ideal for replacing engineering polymers that have reached their performance limitations.

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Electrical & Electronics

We understand the level of research required to keep pace with this evolving market. Specialty Polymers provide fast track customized solutions from high flow specialized formulations for small complex geometries, to replacing metal in structural components where strength, rigidity and aesthetics are important.

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Finding design flexibility within industry regulations is an everyday challenge in this market. We provide high-performance alternatives to metal with powerful combinations of sterilization and disinfection compatibility; heat, moisture and impact resistance plus biocompatibility.

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Industrial & Environment

The ever-stricter regulations of industrial activities create an increasingly critical economic situation for today’s manufacturers. Specialty Polymers can help you to re-think an apply innovative solutions to protect and extend the life of industrial equipment.

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Membranes & Filtration

Toughness and chemical resistance along with hydrolytic and oxidative stability help membranes tolerate a variety of feed streams and cleaning methods. Solvay offers the largest selection of Specialty Polymers for membranes.

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The Largest Selection of the Highest Performing Polymers

Solvay is the industry leader in specialty polymers, offering the broadest selection of high-performance thermoplastic resins, fluoroelastomers, and fluorinated fluids. The combination of Solvay’s expansive portfolio and polymer expertise helps engineers solve the world’s toughest design challenges in automotive, batteries, smart devices, consumer goods, building and construction, healthcare, oil and gas, and other demanding industries.

Specialty polymers are characterized by their ability to retain desirable mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties when subjected to harsh environments, such as high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive chemicals. Depending on the product, they also offer biocompatibility, fatigue and wear resistance; flame retardant properties, corrosion protection, electrical inertness, and dimensional stability.

A portfolio of excellence that allows our customers to meet the fast-changing needs of their markets. You need to meet difficult challenges and stay one step ahead to remain at the top of your industry. That’s why you need a partner of the same caliber: top tier, with the highest performance.

The polymers industry is comprised of a wide variety of materials that offer a broad spectrum of performance. We can see how material value and performance increase moving up the pyramid, changing from low-performance commodity plastics to high and ultra-performance polymers.

Our Specialty Polymers are innovative, top-tier solutions that are at the very pinnacle of the pyramid.

Polymers in our portfolio can be divided into four different categories based on their molecular structure:

Amorphous thermoplastic polymers are inherently transparent materials and predominantly unreinforced.

Semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymers are opaque or translucent and may be unreinforced or compounded with additives such as glass, minerals and impact modifiers.

Fluids are liquid polymers that are typically clear and colorless. They can be neutral and inert but also functionalized to make them soluble in water or made to stick to various substrates.

Elastomers are polymers that can be stretched, and upon release, return to their original shape without permanent deformation. Their ability to conform to the geometries of adjacent surfaces makes them ideally suited for sealing applications.

Solvay's Portfolio of Specialty Polymers

Biomaterials for
Implantable Devices




Fluorinated Fluids

Functional Fluids

High Barrier Polymers

Liquid Crystal Polymers


      Ultra Polymers

      Polyamides, Aromatic

      Polyphenylene Sulfide

      Sulfone Polymers

      Polyesters, High-Performance

      Polymer Processing Aids

      Specialty Materials







      electro-active polymer

      solvene® EAP


      ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene

      Halar® ECTFE



      Tecnoflon® FKM


      perfluoroelastomer (fully fluorinated)

      Tecnoflon® PFR FFKM


      high-performance polyester

      Lavanta® HPP


      high-performance polyamide

      Kalix® HPPA

      Omnix® HPPA


      liquid crystal polymer

      Xydar® LCP 



      AvaSpire® PAEK



      Torlon® PAI



      Ixef® PARA



      KetaSpire® PEEK

      Zeniva® PEEK



      Veradel® PESU

      Virantage® PESU

      PFA & MFA®


      Hyflon® PFA & MFA®



      Fluorolink® PFPE

      Fomblin® PFPE

      Galden® PFPE

      Solvera® PFPE


      perfluorosulfonic acid

      Aquivion® PFSA



      Amodel® PPA


      polyphenylene sulfide

      Ryton® PPS



      Acudel® modified PPSU

      Radel® PPSU

      Veriva® PPSU



      Eviva® PSU

      Udel® PSU



      Algoflon® PTFE

      Polymist® PTFE micronized powders


      polyvinylidene fluoride

      Hylar® PVDF

      Solef® PVDF


      polyvinylidene chloride

      Diofan® PVDC

      Ixan® PVDC

      Technical Data Sheets

      Amorphous and Semi-Crystalline Polymers Data Sheet Finder

      Select the brand or chemistry you want to research and download the most up to date performance data. Compare up to five (5) grades by selecting multiple products and selecting 'Compare Properties'. (To access data sheets for our Elastomers and Fluids, visit the product page).